Signs Before the Day of Judgement

Ali al-Tamimi

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  2. Sohail Rizki says:

    What have you prepared for the day of judgement?

  3. salim ibn muhummad says:

    i think this brother is in dua for him

  4. AISHA says:

    Thanks so much sheik Ali 4 ur authentic lectures may ALLAH
    reward u.GOD bless u n help u during ur trials amin.

  5. Mohammed hafiz says:

    Responding to sohail Rizki`s comment, my preparation for the day of judgement will only protect myself,sheikh ali al tamimi spoke knowledge to your ears so please in return pay your due respect, the reason why our scholer is in prison cos his knowledge is like atomic bomb for the enemies, and also as we witness for speaking truth the prison is just a phase u must face and InshaAlla i pray the sheikh changes all the criminals into best reciter of the Quran.

  6. Siekh Zakaria says:

    Manshallah i really like this video it teaches me stuff i didn’t know and im a shiekh!

  7. AR 'Aqeedah says:

    amazing lecture.

    i love halaltube. i feel so halal right now.

  8. SohailRizki says:

    AsSalaam O’ Alaykum,
    As Ibn Taymiah said, “what can they do to me, if they put
    me in jail, I will get chance to do zikr, if they deport me, I will explore Allah’s land, if they kill me, I will be martyre.
    So a Muslim who trust Allah, will always be in winning situation.
    We pray to Allah to have his mercy on brother Ali.

  9. SohailRizki says:

    Actually it is like this,

    “What can my enemies do to me? My Paradise is in my heart; it goes with me wherever I am. If they kill me, it is martyrdom. If they exile me from my land, it is a vacation in the Path of Allah. If they imprison me, it is to allow me a private devotion with Allah” -Ibn Taymiyyah

  10. Arif says:

    May Allah bless the Ulema E Haqq and protect this umma from Evil Ulema.
    May Allah bless the Ulema who lead this umma with the light of Quran and Authentic sunna

  11. Fauz Alvi says:

    InshAllah, May Allah Subhanahu Wa Taallah grant Ali Al-Tamimi success in this life and success in the HereAfter, Ameen.

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