Go Not Near Zina

Siraj Wahhaj

5 Responses to “ Siraj Wahhaj – Go Not Near Zina ”

  1. bk says:

    Asslamualikum-v.good and strong lecture.–something is happening to the voice at 25th and 31st minute—-may ALLAH swt hav mercy on all us and prevent ourselves from coming near fahishah…..ameen—worth hearing

  2. sa says:

    Apart from the audio problems, a very good lecture by Imam Wahaj. Instilled fear in my heart.

  3. Gracias por los comentarios. Me encanta tu sitio, adios!

  4. Yassin says:

    May Allah SWT help us and guide us. I’m from Belgium and our society is also infected with dikr of shaytaan. That’s why: May Allah SWT help us and guide us!!!

  5. andre says:

    may allah be with all

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