Revenge of the Fallen

Suhaib Webb

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  1. AISHA says:

    asalamaaliakum moslems.i thank ALLAH for everything.i want
    2 tell u something plz if someone wrongs u leave him 4 the
    seek of GOD n dont seek revenge may ALLAH bless u n happy

  2. Omar says:

    Aisha, please listen to the video so that you may understand the title and benefit from the lecture. Jazak Allah Khayran.

  3. muslimah says:

    My notes from lec.:
    Shaytan comes from:
    1. Anger
    2.Negligence-procrastination. Al Ghafla-people stupider than cows. signs: ibadah hard on them, turning away from zikr, no tawbah, absence of awliyaaat. Remedy: think about death.
    3. Desires- need to control nafs, remember Allah is alQader

    works in other ways:
    1. Tries to make nonmuslim
    2. Innovation (Bid’ah)-most difficult test according to ibn al qayyim
    3.Major sins…haraam or linked to punishment
    4. Minor sins- discouraged
    5. through permissible things
    ex. video games.
    if permissible takes a person away from obedience fard
    6. Gets you to choose through lesser of good deeds

    -compassionate orthodoxy. ever son of Adam makes mistakes…allahuma maghfiruka is greater than my sin
    – success is stron effort
    *REVENGE of the FALLEN is with REPENTENCE*

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