Tafsir Surah Al Qariah

Suhaib Webb

6 Responses to “ Suhaib Webb – Tafsir Surah Al Qariah ”

  1. dc says:

    الله أكبر

  2. Zubair says:

    dont know if its just me or the design of the “C” in the MCA logo looks like the hexagram (Jewish symbol)


    Sorry but i havent heard the lecture as the symbol is putting me off

    • Akhee says:

      Wow. This is truly sad. It looks nothing like the star of David. Star of David has 6 points. The logo is 2 squares on top of each other creating 8 points.

      May Allah free us from ignorance. Ameen!

  3. Mohammad says:

    Great talk

  4. sahar says:

    mashallah this was great…alhamdella i understand it now when i read it in sallah

  5. adlan shukor says:

    Alhamdulillah. Great talk by bro Suhaib Webb. Jazakallahu khairan ya Akhi.

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