Theology of Breaking Bad: Avoiding Becoming Walter

Suhaib Webb


The theology of Breaking Bad is a lesson in how a person can lose his moral compass by making a series of choices that are rooted in fear.

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8 Responses to “ Suhaib Webb – Theology of Breaking Bad: Avoiding Becoming Walter ”

  1. Aisha says:

    Aselamalakum can anyone explain to me what breaking bad is all about?

    • UmDean says:

      It’s a very addictive TV show about a high school chemistry teacher who, upon learning he has lung cancer, decides to cook and sell meth to make money which he can leave behind for his family when he dies. One thing leads to another and he quickly ends up doing bigger crimes that he never intended to do.

  2. abdullah says:

    is this idiot encouraging people to watch breaking bad?

  3. Malik says:

    Show some more respect. Even if you disagree, it gives you no right to speak in that manner. Btw, I don’t agree with either.

  4. fareeda says:

    No, he is using this show as an example to convey his message. That it may help to open our eyes and be a good reminder. Shaitan works his evil in such manner: gradually starting with small, minor (and sometimes innocent) steps…and leading to bigger and bigger sins…and perhaps even the ultimate sin.

  5. a. bashir says:

    Abdullah, squash you ego by looking at all of your shortcomings and learn to respect those have striven harder for the sake of Allah than yourself.

  6. Zack says:

    Breaking bad is awesome – good kutbah

  7. Ibn Zaid says:

    Surat al Ikhlas , “min shar il wiswas al Khanas” “alathi yuwaswisu fi sudoor ilnas” “minal jinati wal nas”.

    Without the Quran and the Sunnah as a fortress as a shield to protect us from the evil of our souls and the evil of the whispers of the Shaytan , We seek refuge in Allah to protect us from the diseases of the Heart , to Grant us Patience when we are impatient , to remain steadfast in his way , in good times and bad times , to be grateful for his blessings , allahuma ameen.

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