Surah al-Fatiha

Suhaib Webb

5 Responses to “ Suhaib Webb – Surah al-Fatiha ”

  1. abu hafs says:


  2. Fatma says:

    A really great lecture, funny yet inspiring.

  3. jamil says:

    may allah reward you brother

  4. Salimah says:

    AsSalaam Mualkuim to all my
    Br.and Sis, in Islam
    Alhumdulillah Allah blessed us to be able
    to come together to learn more about Islam.
    As for the last question:
    Why is the devil not able to attack from the top of your head
    My guess is that when Allah created Adam before He (SWT) blew
    his soul in to Adam. The devil would go in the holes of Adam and
    come out the other end…so he the devil said I can get into him.
    So if you draw a man he has the following holes: the eyes in front, the ears on either side the penis/vagina at the bottom and the anus in the back but he/she
    does not have an opening for the devil to get inside of his head
    only to listen, hear, eat or speak so we should guard these things
    from the devil so that he is not in our command center our brain.
    Where we think and rememeber Allah… That is what I think and Allah knows best.

  5. razzak says:


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