The Sunnah of Weddings

Tahir Anwar

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  1. a says:

    InshaAllah, first learn the Sunnah of Nikah (and the life after it), by listening to lectures such as these, and then go and implement the Sunnah in your lives, and enter paradise together with your partner.

  2. Abdussmand says:

    Today many muslims so call muslim is entering a marriage without any knowledg what Islam teach us about marriage and! marriage is becoming a trend and to what other do! for sure is about how big and many cultural aspect has to be in the wedding! no wounder the divorce IN the muslims community is on the up!lecture like this is very Important for the muslims community that can change the conception of how we muslims conduct our way of life!INSHALLAH.

  3. Abdalla says:

    Brilliant this man is star…… keep it up

  4. Ohm Wahed says:

    I agree that marriage is very important in ISLAM and within our muslim community. We need to know more knowledge about a true marriage how we all need to follow, INSHALLAH.

  5. Thanks buddy. Great site you got here. Have some extra links to link to with more stuff like this?

  6. rushna says:

    Salaam. JazakAllah khair for this lecture and may the ummah implement the knowledge about marriage to the best we can and wipe out cultural aspects and bidah in marriage. May Allah give us all hidaya and guide us all through the right path and may we all have taqwa of Allah throughout our life…inshaaAllah


  7. sunnah says:


    […]Tahir Anwar – The Sunnah of Weddings | Halal Tube[…]…

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