The Rise and Fall of Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain)

Tawfique Chowdhury

2 Responses to “ Tawfique Chowdhury – The Rise and Fall of Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain) ”

  1. Rhosdee Bashyr Arabia says:

    Your lecture is truly reminder to us in order to re-establish the power of islam,until the muslims are so strongs as it was the time in andalus,o Allah grant us,allahumma aameen,allahu yujzeeka..

  2. Robaby says:

    Tawfique Chowdhury says Islam was spread by the sword, falling victim to christian missionary propaganda and saying any muslim who says this is not true is an apologist. While Islamic rule may have sometimes spread by the sword against nations that were a threat to the Islamic state(Byzantine and Persian Sassanian Empire), spreading Islam was never used as a reason to conquer these nations. In fact, early muslim empires discouraged conversion to Islam and the majority of the population under Islamic rule remained non-muslim for over 100 years after they were conquered. So we have historical facts not apologist rhetoric that says that Islam wasn’t spread by the sword. Caliph Uthman even made peace with the Nubians and Abyssinians, and Umar ibn Khattab with the Chinese. If you want more information that Jihad is not a war to spread Islam or convert all non-muslims go here: and also

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