Terrorism and Jihad

Zakir Naik

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25 Responses to “ Zakir Naik – Terrorism and Jihad ”

  1. sharear azam says:

    Assalam.i saw lots of islamic orator but i feel Dr.zakir naik is the best lecturer as i observed in my 7 years continu observation in several lecturer of the world.By birth i am bangladeshi.I studied in india 4 year and hv oppertunity to enjoy his lacture now i am studing in belgium.As we live in the science and technology era we hv to think and approches with the scientific was.in my concern Dr.zakir naiks lacture and question answer session mostly based on scentific system response as we need.hOPE INSHALLAH MUSLIM UMMAH WILL INCEREASE KNOWLEDGE TO OBSERVE DR.ZAKIR NAIKS LECTURE.

  2. Farzana Razvi says:

    May Allah(swt)continue to bless Dr.Zakir Naik with Taqwa (God Conscioustness)good health and long life ,so tha he can continue to eliminate prejudices against Islam.I would like to comment on one thing,that brother Naik touched on in his lecture on Jihad and terrorism.In the beginning of your lecture you talked about how Islam was tolerant about the other religions:700 years Muslim rule of Spain, and also the 1000 years of Muslim rule in India.Toward the end when someone questioned Dr.Naik about the Taliban and their treatment of the statue of Buddha,he kind of condoned their action,I find that unsettling to say the least.I wish Dr.Naik could clearify this point.
    Mrs.Farzana Razvi

  3. Farzana Razvi says:

    May Allah (swt) continue to Bless Dr. Zakir Naik with Taqwa (God Consciousness), good health and long life; so that he may continue to eliminate prejudices against Islam .I would like to comment on one thing that brother Naik touched on in his lecture on “Jihad and terrorism”. In the beginning of his lecture he talked about how Islam was tolerant about the other religions; He gave as examples, 700 years of Muslim rule of Spain, and also the 1000 year of Muslim rule in India. However towards the end when someone questioned Dr .Naik about the Taliban and their treatment of the statue of Buddha, he kind of condoned their action, I find that unsettling to say the least. I wish Dr. Naik could clarify this point.
    Mrs. Farzana Razvi

  4. roya zeer says:

    Asalamoalikum dear brother i am from afghanistan i like to have alot of information about aslam would you please help me

    Roya Zeer

  5. Abdulkerim M/brhan( EL- HABESHA) says:

    In the name of ALLAH most merciful

    I am Abdulkerim M/brhan from ETHIOPIA, THE LAND OF HABASHA.I have come across some lectures of Dr.Zakir Naik.I love them ,and Alhamdulilah they make me feel proud of my religion,ISLAM. I would love to say my best wishes to Dr. Zakir Naik. May Allah (swt) Blesses you in your DUNIAA with long life and good health. and on your AKHIRA with JENNA for your sacrifice on collapsing and eliminating the criticisms and prejudices against Islam.

  6. ahmad zubair says:

    Asslamu alikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatohu…!

    Allaho Akbar….alhamduellala we are muslims..and we would love to spread true message of islam…

    Brother Dr. Zakir Naik. is the icon of the 21st century…
    may allah protect him…ameen..

    allah (swt) will reward those who fully submite themselves in allah and live for sake of allah..

    your brother in islam..
    from afghanistan….


  7. pagli says:

    salam i m very happy to listen dr zakir speech he is really nice person we r proud of dr zakir he is doing very nice work mashallah….
    his way of teling things about islam is very nice and beautiful…..may Allah give him sahat and more knowledge about islam….

  8. AH says:

    Is your name really Imran? Take it easy sidi – why do you let Satan control you and make you type such filthy comments? This is not the natural disposition of a normal person, muslim or non-muslim.

  9. Zajk says:


    Glory to Jesus for ever and ever.
    We love you Jesus Our God and Saviour!

  10. Ahmed .U says:

    “Every people has createt with brain,think well,Am i rhigt way or wrong?”

  11. abd says:

    Jesus is not God or son of God. for There is only One True God, the Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth (Allah), who is One is being, in His attributes and his actions. He does not have partners. He never did and he never will. He is neither male nor female. neither black nor white. He has neither begining nor end. He is All Powerfull, All Knowledgable, All Mercifull, All Wisdom, All Perfect Justice, and All Seing, All hearing. He is the Only God, all other gods are false gods people choose to worship which is a very bad idea becuase they increase their chance of going to Hell Fire. The way to prevent this is to believe One God; not the one you want to make it, but Allah, the only True God. He is the only Creator. everything else is His creation and that includes Jesus, may Allah/God bless Jesus, the son of the Virgin Mary.

  12. Aman says:

    Doctor Zakir Naik, although he is from India, a place where the majority is Hindu he surved, made clear the concept of Islam among Muslims & non-muslims.. . . . . . . . . ..May Allah (subhanawataala) him.

  13. Aman says:

    Doctor Zakir Naik, although he is from India, a place where the majority is Hindu he surved, made clear the concept of Islam among Muslims & non-muslims.. . . . . . . . . ..May Allah (subhanawataala) bless him.

  14. Zxirupofrur says:

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  15. Abdul khalid says:

    what about this verse of the BIBLE “and when the lord God shall deliver:thou shat smite them, and utterly destory them BOOK Deueronomy 7:2

  16. Liberty Saur says:

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  17. esbenyxbkw says:

    I can’tf read your website in Safari 9..1, I just thoughtt I ould let you know.

    this likmn

  18. md lshteyaque says:

    assalamualaikum i never seen such intellect like zakir naik who is removing misconception about islam & spreading truth . and presenting the true picture of islam & show vanity of islam thanks

  19. WHY ISLAM says:

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  20. Lovely feature and Very informative! Thanks

  21. Abu Aaliyah says:

    OD what kind of name is this, bro. if you are here to bash or criticize please leave, don’t disrespect but be the “Slave of Allah”.

  22. Aiman Ansari says:

    Masha Allah Brother Zakir Naik May Will Reward u For ur great effort in spreading islam and understanding the do and does of the non muslim faith may allah grant u into jannah for this work

  23. Khurram says:

    It is an old video. At that time what Dr. Zakir implied about Saddam Hussain was that it is mainly political, with few people with vested interests twisting the truth! Today, at a later date, 23rd. September, 2016 we now know that Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11! How correct Dr. Zakir was in saying that these vested interest groups find a scapegoat, which they always do, for their political motives!! Saddam was one.

    I hope the truth about Osama, and his involvement with 9-11 comes out in my lifetime!!! What the media and political combo said about Osama may not be entirely true!!!

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