The Blessings of the Day of Ashura

Zaid Shakir

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  2. lamon says:

    This was a beautiful discourse on the day of ashura. Many in the sunni community are not versed on the history, knowledge and significance of this day. Thank you, for the knowledge. I didn’t know that this was the day that Adam was forgiven.

    Ma salaam,

    Br. Lamon

  3. Roeeda says:

    Extremely informative. I did not know the immense importance of this day and the Baraka of good deeds to be done on the day of Ashura.

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  5. Tasneem AbdulHAQQ says:

    AsSalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Imam Zaid,

    May Allah Bless you for your explanation of the Blessings of the Day of Ashura, as for this is the first year, after thirty-one years of being converted to Islam, that i will be observing the fast and many of the other amal suggested.

    We must make intentions to follow more and more of the ways of our Prophet Muhammad, may peace and Blessings be upon him. JazakAllah khair.

  6. muhammad says:

    asalma alykum

    Mashallah may allah reward imam zaid shakir for this lecture the higest reward ameen

    the day of ashura is such a blessed day we should try and fast 9th and 10th of muharram

    recommed everyone to listen to this lecture


  7. mary says:

    great lecture.thank you

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