The Devil’s Deception in the New World Order

Abdullah Hakim Quick

Question and Answer Session:

8 Responses to “ Abdullah Hakim Quick – The Devil’s Deception in the New World Order ”

  1. usama says:

    Allah akbar.. this man opened my eyes

  2. usama says:

    An eye opening lecture. HE has his own way of presenting things. Wonderful

  3. nasir jones says:

    masha allah my god reward you for this outstanding lecture brother quick.

    one more thing brothers or sisters that are part of the halal tube staff…watch out for the adds brother quick is talking about a lecture on the devils deception while their is a add underneath him for zoosk with a women not covered with hijab. so please the staff of halal tube try to do a better job and thank you for posting up this good lecture.

  4. Abu Sufian says:


    where is the actual lecture? there are two videos, the first one is only 25 seconds with a nasheed, while the second video is 45:22 seconds it’s Q&A.

  5. ibrahim mukata says:

    Mashallah brother Hakim,All I can say is may Allah subhanawataala bless you and grant you more knowledge and make you generous to be able to share the knowledge you seek from Him with us in the best way possible without hurting anyones feelings.And may Almighty Allah seal the lecture in our hearts and make it work in our limbs also not just for entertainment.may He make it easy for us to share it with others too.AMEEN.

  6. Ibrahim Ahmed,Abuja-Nigeria says:

    This is really a master piece!JAZAKALLAHU KHAERAN!

  7. Cheap Oakley says:

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    […]Abdullah Hakim Quick – The Devil’s Deception in the New World Order | Halal Tube[…]…

  8. abdulmuid says:

    The world wide web, let’s us see the same Lie collectively AstaghfirAllah!!! However, will still have Brother’s continuing to give the Dawah.Masha-Allah

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