The life of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat

Ahmed Deedat


A video tribute to Shaykh Ahmed Deedat discussing his life and documenting it.

All lectures by Ahmed Deedat

22 Responses to “ Ahmed Deedat – The life of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat ”

  1. Gaji says:

    Assalamu alaykum

    This HalalTube is a pretty good website. As for brother Ahmed Deedat, he has become one of the legends of Islam. May Allah reward him much in jannah.

  2. Taahir says:

    may Allah(swt) acept d efforts f Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in propagation f Islam n reward him with the highest division of paradise…..AAMEEN

  3. mohamed says:

    may allah (swt) reward shaykh ahmed deedat for his work and efforts and grant him jannah alfirdous and elavate his rank PLS READ AL FATIHA FOR SHAYKH AHMED DEEDAT AND ALL THE MUSLIM THAT R ALIVE AND PAST AWAY JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

  4. Harris says:

    Ahmed Deedat is the best Muslim scholar ever lived. I have changed my life from a non serious religious person to a serious religion truth seeker due to him. He is my truly mentor. May Allah grant him full rest in peace and place him among the noble ones in Paradise. Amin . Al-fatihah.

  5. Mujahed says:


    I donĀ“t know so much about Deedat but I will post a video from Halaltube on our local mosque site every month from now on. (inshallah)

    Hope Allah rewards the people behind this site.

  6. Nisthar says:

    May Allah grant Ahamed Deedat firdousul ah’la and reward all his good deeds. Amin.

  7. Truth will set you free says:

    Ina lillahi wa ina ilayhi raji oun
    May Allah grant you highest place in paradise (Alfirdawss) sheikh Ahmed Deedat

  8. rahman says:

    some tenets of his islamic belief may deviate from the pure quran and sunnah like his belief in sufism, his belief that allah is everywhere, he may not be a salafi but still he is the greatest pioneer in the field of dawah to nonmuslims, he was the first person to communicate and defend islam from the christian onslaught against the religion of allah.

  9. mohamed says:


    salam alykum brother who r u to judge ahmed deedat on his islamic belief may be deviate may allah grant him junnah firdous and forgive us all amin

  10. yama says:


  11. Jalil Maba says:

    I really like Ahmed Deedat.
    May Allah reward you jannatul ferdaws..ameen

  12. tarek says:

    amen to that Jalil.


  13. Abdul khalid says:

    Sheikh Ahmad Deedat worked to humanity and paved the way for us to differ among wrong and right and think about religions logically.choce the best Islam way if live.

  14. moktar says:

    ahmed deedat may allah grant him jannah
    he was the man who defeated swegart

  15. WHY ISLAM says:

    visit for more or click why islam name above

  16. Gh. Mujtaba says:

    May Almighty Allah grant ahmed deedat (an icon of islam) a jannat-e-firdous. Ameen

  17. Raza Huzain says:

    Each n every 1 Should see diz post. N every 1 should past diz on dar Wall…….Thanx

  18. Zameer says:

    One of the FUNNIEST Ahmed Deedat video’s on youtube…

  19. ahmed says:

    May Allah reward this amazing man with the highest place in Aldirdaws, Amen!!! He was a true legend. Allah yirhamo. Words cannot express the work of this man.

  20. Asif Siddiqui says:

    Pray Allah SWT reward Sheikh Ahmed Dedat highest place in Jeddah who inspired many people such as Dr. Zakir Naik. He came at the time when there were attacks on Islam and with his debates he silenced the opponents. A Self taught person his contribution was too big to add in a short note. Dr. Zakir Naik mentioned in one of his lecture that Sheikh Dedat gave him title of Dedat Plus and commented that what he has done in four years he himself was not able to do in 40 years. Dr. Zakir replied that he was able to do it in four years because of his work done in forty years. Pray Allah SWT give him Jannah for his efforts who inspired millions with his lectures and work. Ameen

  21. saddam shaban says:

    I really love Ahmed deedat May Allah forgive him all his sins and grant him jannatul firdaus
    ameen, ameen, ameen,

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