The Perfect Path

Hamza Yusuf

2 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – The Perfect Path ”

  1. Aisha Muhammad says:

    subhanaAllah, I wish I could bottle the knowledge of this brother and keep it on my spice shelf to flavor my food. mashaAllah, May Allah continue guiding people through him, and May Allah bless and forgive him. I wish I was friends with his wife so she could rub off on me. :0)
    He blends politics and modernity with the clear message of Islam…laa hawla wa laa qwuatta illa billah.
    So many come to criticize him, and man is fallible, so no one’s perfect, but I find truth in his speech.
    ALHAMDULILLAH for messages like this.
    It increases the eemaan.
    was salaamo alaikum wa rahamtuAllah

  2. muhammad says:

    AISHA MUHAMMAD the many that criticize shaykh hamza yusuf do not know what they r talking about shaykh hamza is a wali of allah may allah preserve him for this ummah and we all benifit from his excellent lectures and amin to ur dua

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