The Road to Marriage

Khalid Yasin

Part 1:

Part 2:

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48 Responses to “ Khalid Yasin – The Road to Marriage ”

  1. Mirzali says:

    Assalamu Alaykum
    A beautiful Lecture~
    So many true things in the lecture~
    Shaykh Khalid Yasin keeps it real while addressing the issue.
    Highly Recommend to fathers, mothers, sons and daughters~~
    Assalamu Aleykum

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  4. Tyron says:

    All updatet Khalid Yasin video lectures on:


  5. hussain says:

    have you heard what he did to the somalian brothers in US who had him speak at a fund raiser. look it up. if this guys done more good than us it doesnt mean he’s allowed to steal from us and we cant say anything about it.

  6. Jamel says:

    Allah is ever watchful.

  7. Fear Allaah says:

    Whoever amongst you believe in Allah and the Last Day, then he/she should ONLY SPEAK GOOD or KEEP QUIET. I only know good of our sheikhs and I ask Allaah not to make the kuffar and the hypocrates a fitna for us.

  8. Fear Allaah says:

    Whoever amongst you believe in Allah and the Last Day, then he/she should ONLY SPEAK GOOD or KEEP QUIET. Sufficient it is as a lie for a person to speak of everything he hears. DO NOT BACKBITE Muslims or PURSUE THEIR FAULTS. For he who pursues the fault of his Muslim brother- Allah will pursue his fault, and when Allah pursues his fault, HE WILL EXPOSE HIM, even if he should be in the interior of his house!

  9. abu abdur-aheem says:

    Jaza kala khairun for the advice.

  10. Amatullah says:

    Ibn Abbas (ra) said: ‘ when you feel the need to mention your companion’s faults, remember your own’

  11. Hanumica says:

    بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
    وَيْلٌ لِّكُلِّ هُمَزَةٍ لُّمَزَة ٍ
    (Quran, surah CIV, verse 1)

    “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day should say what is good or keep quiet.”(Al-Bukhari)

    “Sufficient it is as a lie for a person to speak of everything he hears.” (Muslim)

    “Do not backbite Muslims or pursue their faults. For he who pursues the fault of his brother Muslim – Allah will pursue his fault, and when Allah pursues his fault, He will expose him, even if he should be in the interior of his house.” (Ahmad and Abu Dawud – saheeh)

  12. Hanumica says:

    Ayahs concern muslims.
    All I know of shaykh Khalid Yasin is through his lectures, and yes, they are inspiring.
    Apropos hadith “If you are mesmerized by his speech than know the hadith in sahih bukhari “Some eloquent speech has the in fluency of magic.” all I an tell is that concerns non muslims. In my view shaykh Khalid Yasin is a great daiyya with correct aqida. Your alligations are only alligations. Sharias principle is to PROVE the guilt. It is NOT shariah principle for the aused one to prove his innocence. No. The burden lies on the one that is accusing a brother muslim of any criminal act.

    I don’t want to hear any more evel words about this brother that I respect and I make duaa for him. You have your opinion, I have mine. Pls respect it.

    I have very hard time believing in your accusations, due to the way you’re behaving and the way you just broke into here and started with your wild accusations, with no evindence AT ALL, except of your words. AND

    I know nothing about you and you as well might be an evil kafir who’s obviously trying to cast fitnah between ummah. But you won’t succeed!

  13. Hanumica says:



  14. Hanumica says:


    Shaykh Khalid yasin has made himself a well respected name in the ummah by his excellent da’wa work.

    What have YOU done for this deen?

    And peace be with you.

  15. Hanumica says:


    Concerning “mesmorising speech”. Once again: from a pious muslim’s lips, it is puure truuth. From an evil kafir’s and mushriq’s lips – most certainly, is evil.

    Do you know what the miracle of Quran is?

    I rest my case.

  16. homestar says:

    I think what the brothers are saying is that listening to his lectures is good, but be careful when conducting business with him.

  17. Hanumica says:


    And I humbly ask forgiveness from every Muslim that might have been hurt by my words.

    I was referring to the well known hadith where Rasulullah, sallalahu alayhi wa sallam, warned the ummah agains munafiqun with the soft speech. I don’t believe that shaykh Khalid Yasin is a munafiq. All I could see was blind hate against him, who dedicated his life to da’wa.

    I was also referring to Quran, where it is explained that the . Many hypocrites have done deeds that led them otside islam, therefore they have become kafirs.

    I hope this explanation is enough for you and everyone else who didn’t recognize what I was talking about.

    This Muslim here symphatises with the Shaykh, since I also work with da’wain Sweden and even though I don’t have anything with money or eonomical issues to do and I don’t have any intentions to (Work purely on da’wa, spreading truth abouth the Truth) I have been faced with several accusations – from ppl who never even met me subhanAllah…

    One of the signs of the upcoming Judgement Day…

    “How do we no your not one of those people who are with yasin helping him in his scam the way your behaving.”
    You’re right – you can’t know that. Allah is the Best Witness wa Allahu ‘Alam.

    I feel I have done my islamic duty and defended a pious muslim who dedicated his life to this beautiful deen. I WILL NOT participate in discssion any more. I’d like to remind myself first of all, and then all of you brothers and sisters, of the dangers of carrying on with unneccessary discussions.

    I also feel it’s hurtful to this deen and to this ummah to spend our energy on fighting and accusing each other while the terrorists are killing our brothers in Gazza. The body of our ummah is bleeding – do we feel the hurt from its bleeding sores?

    May Allah forgive me any traspassing in my actions, ameen.

    I hope I was able to write in an understandable English (which is not my native tongue).

    Wa SALAMU alaykum wa rahmatullah.

  18. Hanumica says:


    Subhanallah, there is a part missing, I see.

    “I was also referring to Quran, where it is explained that the .”

    It was supposed to be written:

    “I was also referring to Quran. Entire surah 63, and especially verse 4.”

    There is another verse that evven more explicitly warns about the hypocrites, and their sweet tongues.

    Since the language of Quran is its miracle, it is the proof that the sweet words of the Truth and from the muminin’s lips are sweet, indeed.

    I hopa this explanation is enough for you.

    PEACE be with you.

  19. zabir says:

    salam wa laikum wa rahmatullah wa baraktu

    Dear brother Hanumica and everyone else

    You are right brother we should not continue with this discusion any more. We both are firm on what we believe about Khalid Yasin so there is no point in arguing any more. Allah knows what is in everyones heart only. Inshallah we are both sincere and only want whats best for the ummah. Forgive me if my words were hurtful. My allah bless your dawah efforts. O Allah give us good in this life and the next life and save us from the punishment of the fire. Allah huma help the opressed muslims in palistene, iraq, kashmir and all of us.

    wa salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

  20. zabir says:

    sorry i mean may allah bless your dawah efforts

  21. Hanumica says:

    Amiin ya Rabbi, akhi.

    You made me write again, and break my promise 🙂 But it was a promise of not to continue arguing, and this is not arguing – on the contrary.

    I’m ashamed for any pain my words might have caused you and I do humbly ask for your forgiveness, akhi.

    You are already forgiven, my respected brother in islam, there are absolutely no harsh feelings at all in this heart, by Allah.

    I truly appreciate your words and I love you and entire ummah ONLY for the sake of Allah.

    May Allah protect us in His Shade on the Day when there will be no other shade. My Allah forgive all Muslims and unite our hearts on His Righteous Path. May Allah give NASR to Muslims in Palestina, ameen.

    Don’t forget to recite qunut duaa in your daily fard prayers, like Rasulullah Muhammad, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, did in the time of hardship for ummah. Here’s a beautiful du’aa that can be recited as qunut-duaa:

    Wallahi, every Muslim’s heart is bleeding today.

    Wa alaykumu salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

  22. tarek says:

    In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
    Salam Wa Alaykum,

    There is an arabic term and it goes like this “Allahu A3lam”. My arabic isn’t the best but my understanding of this is “God knows best”. Whilst we were placed on this earth to worship Allah (SWT) he knows best. So if someone ask’s my opinion about someone else whom I do not agree with the mechanics behind what they do, I say “Allahu A3lam”. Remember that each human has an angel on the right and on the left scribing each good deed and each bad deed. We will ALL be judged based on what Allah’s angels write on the day of judgement.

    Whilst some of you may not agree with what is reported on brother Khalid remember that we are not ones to judge him.

    Anyway, hope your all well inshaAllah.


  23. AH says:

    Read Imam Ghazali (may Allah be pleased with him)

  24. Hanumica says:

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

    Praise and Glory be to Allah,
    Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds,
    The Beneficent, the Merciful,
    Master of the Day of Judgment.
    Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help.
    Show us the straight path,
    The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.

    Our Lord, we ask You (alone) to shower Your Mercy on this ummah and to unite us in this time of ordeals, when the body of Your ummah is bleeding. Ameen.

  25. Hanumica says:

    The world is looking at the genocide that s.c. state of israel is performing over our civilian brother and sisters.

    It’s THEM that have the absolute priority at these times.

    Every step that a Muslim does, we should ask ourselves – how does it help the bleeding body of my ummah?

    We CAN NOT afford to move our focus away from our brother and sister in Gaza.

    PLS visit this petition site and sign the petition, it’s going very slow with signs, ppl are not so eager to sign as they would’ve been had it been muslims who attack non-muslims…

    Secondly – give a dollar or a two, or a hundred if you can do it with a light heart, give it to Islamic relief or ehichever trustfull islamic human aid organization you have where you live, give to your brothers in Gaza. They NEED our help they need it NOW! The world has turned their back on them again. We MUST NOT turn our back on our selves, on islam, on ummahs unity, on Allah!

    Thirdy – pray qunut in all daily prayers, bann the israeli terrorists and murderers, ask Allah to make situation for our brothers in Gaza bearable, to release their pain.

    Forgive me any trepassing in my words, any critique that I say I direct to my self first of all, and I wish and pray o Allah that entire ummah’s priority becomed this body of ours – our ummah. We are bleeding!

    i just said to a brother – would you stand and point your finger at the guilty ones while your house is burning down, or would your ptiority be to put the fire and save the house? Or would you just stand there and point your finger…? SubhanAllah, isn’t it strange how our priorities suddenly become perfectly correct when it comes to our property…? But when it’s the body of our ummah that is bleedin, that is burning down, we simply stand by and o nothing or little to put the fire, to ease the pain – instead, we take a good look at the open sores, and start looking arouund for the guilty ones among ourselves… but then, why not? My house is worth something to me, while this ummah…

    O Allah shower Your Mercy upon Your ummah and give us victory over Your enemies!

    PS pls forget my half-good English, I believe you all were able to understand me.

  26. Hanumica says:


    Another very important proactiv action for every muslim to do:



    peace be with you.

  27. Hanumica says:


    A must-see and a must-hear:

    and after you’ve seen it, a must-do. Insha’Allah.


  28. tarek says:

    In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
    Salam Wa Alaykum,
    Here is a man who is spreading the word of Allah (SWT) and here are muslims blogging against him on this site. He has brought so much faith to those who lost their faith and or those who are looking for faith. Give him a break if he is as you say he is then let god judge him. If you want to expose ppl then go sit outside a courthouse and expose the theives, rapists, child molesters, or homosexuals that walk beside you in the street. If he spreading the word of Allah (SWT) that is incorrect and spreading messages that are incorrect from the hadith or Quran and representing the muslim faith, then by all means EXPOSE him. Until then praise him and don’t allow the western media to manipulate your minds against him.


  29. tarek says:

    His lies and nonsense based on what? Based on a guy who leaves blogs telling others he is? Your just a name abu ibraheem! That’s it.

  30. tarek says:

    Ahu Ibraheem, no disrespect to you. This site has been very rewarding to me and many others based on the feedback I have read. I think we should continue to give the feedback on the lectures we watch and try keep it as positive as possible. Non muslims visit this as well, and I’m sure the last thing want to see is brothers arguing over scholars. My understanding of Imam Yasin’s lectures are true as stipulated in the Quran, I can only ask from you and others that if it isn’t then to let me know by correcting any misunderstandings.

    Allah Ma3kun

  31. Yassin says:

    Asalamu alaikum brthers, i just founds yours commnts by accident. Honestly this abu ibraheem should be ashamed of his doing! He seems to be full of hate. A muslim should not waste his time with accusing other muslims with things he does not know. He might be a non muslim who is trying to bring us fitna in the ummah so then if the muslims attack Sheikh Yasin, the non muslims will not convert to islam. Don’t listen to such evil person. He should start looking at himself, cause he has got a lot work to do. He just start cleaning his heart.
    Asalamu alaikum wa barakatuhu

  32. Hanumica says:

    SubhanAllah… with every new word this person who calls himself “abu ibraheem” writes her, I get more and more convinced that this is an islamophobic person whose .

    Why? Because every muslim, even the worst one, would’ve stopped dividing the ummah after having been reminded with the islamic proofes by now. Every Muslim would’ve stopped sawing hatered for the good shaykh Khalid yasin that has helped so many ppl back to islam. There is simply NOT a single Muslim that would carry on “defending” his own point of view, which BTW, is nothing but hatefull attacks on another Muslim.

    I’m not defending anyone anymore, I just wonder how a Muslim could carry on prooving that he’s right (he himself, he personally) after he was given the proof like he has, and after he was reminded of the fact that this is NOT the right time to point a finger to another Muslim and split the ummah, whose body is bleeding…?

    And the only conclusion I come to is – a Muslim could NOT do that. Only someone whose aim is to saw FITNAH among the Muslims.

    May Allah return the evil that His enemies aim to Allah’s ummah, back to themselves. Ameen.

  33. uthman says:

    as salaam walaikum

    I can confirm that Khalid Yasin did a talk on 20th Jan 2008 in Rochdale UK in which he said that if you call yourself a maliki,hanafi,shaifi or hanbali than that is heretical(kafir). He takes money for doing islamic talks, no other speaker does this. I dont mean asking for charity money after the talk but actualy getting paid before for doing the talk. And this is not a small amount he asks for thousands for one talk. A poor Somali community in the Northern Virginia US was fundraising for a muslim school he was one of the speakers at their fundraising event and he took half the money $100. Poor people are working very hard and money that has taken them months to save which they would use for their food and children or give to charity Khalid Yasin is taking from them for just saying afew words and them he is not using it for what he has promised. If you speak against him he threatens you with violence.

    According to my research he set up Islamic Broadcasting Corporation and produced a lavish brouchure for it. And collected alot of money for it. In 2004 he raised $90,000 in one evening for it. But all the money raised by Yasin quickly disappeared, and IBC never materialized. According to Walid Ali, managing director of the Islamic Broadcasting Group, Yasin’s brochure was “a work of fiction, indeed fraud” – “the drawings were lifted from someone else’s brochure.” His wife is supposed to live on welfare benefits in Sheffield UK.

    There is plenty more about his fraud but i wont write an essay here. I can not guarantee that everthing said about him is correct but some for sure is. He also has lack of islamic knowledge but the people listening to him cant tell because they have little knowledge themselves. He also comes up with some realy weird theories on issues that he has no knowledge of so he keep quiet. Lets see in afew years or sooner inshallah when all the muslims realise his wrong than will you all be crying thinking we should have listened.

  34. Amatullah says:

    Brothers and sisters are targeted around the world, some sisters do not adhere to the proper Islamic dress code, some no hijab at all others convertable ones( half of the hair showing) the best thing some come up with, is to try to turn Muslims hearts against another claiming that the munafiqs should be exposed!!! do they know the traits of munafiqs? i think not. Best to look into yourselves and correct yourselves first, the return is certain to Allah subhanahu wa ta a’aala.

  35. AH says:

    Brothers lets not carry on with this – I think every1 has said what they wanted to say and maybe said too much.

    May Allah forgive us all for our faults and guide us in everything we do.

    May Allah bless the noble, shadowless noor, mercy to the worlds, our leige lord Rasool Allah (SAW) and his noble companions (RA), the 4 great Imams (RA) and all our rightly guided Sheikh’s (RA)

  36. natrual beauty says:

    salama alakum wr wb
    brothers and sister i have been reading the commonts and stop reading in shock subhanallah we are muslims i mean we call each other muslims and we dont act upon it plz brothers and sister listen to wat our profet mohamed(pboh) said if you dont have somthing good to say then dont say. Most of the comments i have read were negativaty and thats not a good sign … the frist thing that we will be punshed for is our toungue so plz brothers and sisters in islam lets remeber ourselfs and not just type things in without thiking and subhanallah think of the person ur commenting on khalid yassin is our brother in islam. So plz brothers and sisters lets ask for forgiveness…and think posative thing
    salama alakum wr wb

  37. hana says:

    Brothers and sisters, have you watched the lecture rather than
    what the shiekh is doing in his time. is what he is teaching us wrong and against islam, answer no.

    Dont be a judge let allah judge him, if he has done what some brothers are saying. He has done more for the ummah than you and i, with the help of allah he has guided money to islam, what have you and i done nothing.

    If you can’t prove this than leave the man alone or if you have problem with go and talk to him instead of gossiping, he only live in sheffield not america.

    May allah forgive us and guide us all

  38. Sohail says:

    Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu to all brothers and sisters.

    This is my first time, ever, I am writing on a blog.
    If we all look, what we are doing, every day (at our own actions, being polite, not lying, loving each other and not back biting, praying 5 times, helping others morally and financially).
    I have personally listened to his lectures, they make you
    As we are born muslims, we say a lot but no actions.

    Can we all muslims get togther. Like there is only One Allah Subhana tala, One Prophet(P.B.U.H), One Quran.
    We all from today, start thinking, what we can do(positive things). InsAllah, things will improve, just try your best,
    learn good things from others.

    Allah Subhana Tala please forgive us all and show us the straight way.

  39. Sohail says:

    Sorry, I made an error and wrote one Prophet, All I meant was that we agree that our last Prophet is Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H)

  40. Firdous says:

    Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu to all who have and in the future will visit this site.

    I am from Sheffield and you need to really go and see him and speak to him personally about the claims you make in that the brother is dishonest. What is said about black muslims is a slur on the human race and it proves that the cancer of racism copied, imitated and practised from the white europeans is really true. I do not recall anywhere in the Qur’an or the true authentic hadiths where it says that because you have been divorced or raised without one of your parents it makes you a lesser candidate to be a muslim. That cancer (racism) has and is surely rooted in the cultural Islam that many muslims follow. Remember I say muslims because Allah (swt)is quite clear in his distinction between and muslim (follower of Islam) and a true believer (one who’s heart is on the correct path). All the slurs sound to me of someone who does not understand and follow the correct guidance of Allah. If he was as it is claimed the Police would of arrested him and he would of been charged with the crimes in question. Believe me the west are not faint hearted in embarressing muslims who do wrong. I remeber seeing an article once in the tabloid newspapers that the Asian’s are becoming the new Jews – One law for them and one law for you, and also always been in victim mode. All those Asian’s who look down on especially black muslims afraid of them coming and telling them about the truth of the religion not the cultural version that excludes muslims because of the shade of their skin colour. The majority of muslims in America have done great things from a community level to eradicate this and have been able to build, maintain and sustain communities based on Al-Islam, all nations included. Britain has a long way to go. If the authors of these slurs had grown up in Islam as it is claimed I am sure they would be as the Sahaaba’s and would of actioned rather than slander. I see a geeen eyed monster here that maybe was involved in illegal activities and it was exposed by brother Khalid who waged war on them and took the booty. (and Allah knows best.)

  41. hussain says:

    Nobody said 99% of blacks are bad they said 99% are divorced and when married treat their wives like **** they need to start taken responsibility and sort this and their other mess out like men, like muslim/believers and stop being cry babies when something truthful is said about their race. All other races can take criticism why cant blacks when its only said for their own good any way. They can dish racism out but never take any what they call racism back. They have to stop blaming others for their problems and sort them out like everyone else does. This is what islam teaches us not western political correctness please.

  42. Ss says:

    Nice topic dont find much information on this. Although I am bit tired of hearing about problems that exist regarding this (which we all know) but not enough on solutions.

    I am bit dissapointed in him not talking furthur on the cause of such a big difference between single man and woman, also what is the solution for this.

    His program on “finding” someone seems like a good start but for people not in that area, i would have liked to hear about “how to go about finding someone”? He mentions anyone with the intention of marriage should have no prob finding somone. Well i see the complete opp and the “parents/family” thing doesnt’ work very well here. As most of the framily connect is back home where marriage of convinence comes in to question.

  43. Hassan says:

    So true…dont follow culture..follow Islam, take islam as your way of life and forget about culture.

  44. Viewer says:

    Masha Allah, a very good lecture.

  45. jamila says:

    Sheik Khalid is a very good and renouned preacher, i just love his preaching.I am very glad that i was alive to see him in our country, Ghana. Yes he visited us in March, 2011 and i’ve learnt a lot from him. May the Almighty Allah him and his entire Generations, May Allah give us a lot of his type in in the whole world, May our children take after him and may he life be fulfilled.


  46. shah says:

    khalid yasin is doing excellent job.

  47. Muhsin says:

    The road to marriage can be a difficult one. Not only is it difficult to meet someone, but also getting to know the person you meet and making sure you are compatible. One of the best resources I can recommend for meeting a spouse is

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