The Spiritual Activist: Fulfilling a Life of Purpose

Abdul Nasir Jangda

4 Responses to “ Abdul Nasir Jangda – The Spiritual Activist: Fulfilling a Life of Purpose ”

  1. Usama says:

    Asalamualukum spiritual activist
    Masallah this lecture was extremely beneficial brother, inshallah plz post more you talent should not be gone to waste during the time were living in.

  2. Taliah says:

    As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh……
    Masha Allah!!! Your lecture was of great benefit to me and came right on time..Alhamdulillah!! Insha Allah we will be hearing much more from you.

  3. Danish says:

    mashallah! you enhanced the spirit of serving humanity and to fulfill HuqooqulEbaad. I hope Halaltube will add your such beneficial reminders more often.

  4. raafia says:

    Nice lecture. I especially like the acknowledgment that balance is necessary; when serving Allah thru serving humanity, we can’t forget to focus on our personal relationship with Allah.

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