The War Against Muslim Women

Abdullah Hakim Quick

Questions and Answer session:

7 Responses to “ Abdullah Hakim Quick – The War Against Muslim Women ”

  1. Habib says:

    hope this causes a revival in the attitude of men towards the women..Worth Listening

  2. abu Nadia says:


  3. Mahdi says:

    MashAllah… This is a must watch…

  4. a says:

    mashaalah and jizakumullah. This lecture made me realize how lucky im to be a muslim woman. Islam gives more justice to us than any other law that exist in this world. May Allah change those men who are doing injustice things to our muslim sister

  5. Asiah Ismail says:

    Masha Allah, to any one of you listening this lecture please make it your duty to tell other Muslims man and woman. More and more a reminder like this needed for our Ummah. It brought tears to my eyes listening to it. This is the truth and absolutely valuable teaching.
    May Allah swt give the blessing to Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick and his family and the people who make this lecture possible to be view by us all. Ameen.

  6. selina says:

    salamucaleykum.can anyone tell me the name of the nasheed thats playing at the start of the lecture.

  7. Roshni says:

    I would love to know who recited the Qu’ran in the beginning of the lecture. It was beautiful.

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