Understanding Allah’s Law and Order

Hamza Yusuf

8 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Understanding Allah’s Law and Order ”

  1. mohamed says:

    mashallah very good and uplifting lecture may allah preserve shaykh hamza yusuf for this ummah and the whole ulamah cause truly they r the inheritors of the prophets amin ya rab alalamin

  2. shahid says:

    jk. khair

  3. Adil says:

    great talk, great information on stars, astronomy, heavens

  4. mafaskhan says:

    mashaallah, this lecture full of hikmah,

  5. Stephanie says:

    Mashallah, mashallah, mashallah. This man is truly brillant and always increases my iman.

  6. aminata samake says:

    I can never have enough of cheick hamza yousuf. I love all the speeches he gave. May god gives him long life and bless him and his family.

  7. Musa says:

    May Allah subhanawatala bestow his mercy upon this great brother, Amen!

  8. MasahaAllah! What an uplifting lecture on the subject. May the almighty God protect and preserve this brother in Islam and he is making an impact without borders. I am a sister in Islam from Sri Lanka a small island in the Indian subcontinent and many in my family and my friends have benifitted immensely from his lectures that are full of wosdom and Imann.

    With the help of Allah I was able to introduce his lectures to my university colleagues and students in Sri Lanka and it is gradually reaching the community in my country.

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