Understanding Jihad in Islam

Hamza Yusuf

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  1. Moiez says:

    This was more of a history lesson but the general Idea that I think he wanted us to know is that Jihad(Physical) is a good thing and that what is going on in the east should not be condemned especially by muslims in the west because they are fighting the destruction ensuing in the land

  2. Tahsin says:

    Is this is a SCHOLAR or is this a SCHOLAR! 😀 I’m entertained by his lacing out with his tongue, of ALL those diverse and varying names, facts and historical happenings. As is traditionally described of such a man, “bahar”, ocean. SubhanAllah.

    Wish I can reach a similar level one day.

  3. Ibn Adam says:

    This lecture had almost nothing to do with jihad. He not once quotes a Hadith of the Prophet SAW on the subject Jihad, yet he claims to be a practitioner of “traditional” Islam. Traditional Islam is about learning the Deen from the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah. For those who are sincerely interested in learning about Jihad in Islam, listen to the lectures (which also can be found on this site) entitled “Constants of Jihad” by the contemporary scholar of Jihad, Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki, who by only the Mercy of ALLAH was just recently released from prison in Yemen.

  4. Mohamed Camara says:

    We should understand that in this lecture Hamza Yusuf’s aim was not necessarily to teach the core values of Jihad but rather to take a defensive stand for all muslims around the world against the western mentality and misperception of the word “Jihad”. The historic briefing that he did was to validate that point. He does in fact believe in the utmost traditional teaching of the Deen but because he comes a western country, cross religious analysis is a very valuable tool that he uses to get this point across. His lecture “Article of Faith” is wonderful example.

  5. Muslimrobot says:

    This brother know sooo much. I wish he can dish out Quran and Hadith in the same manner.

  6. hani says:

    Salams, I dont know if you people understand, but shaykhs do research before their presentations. It’s not only a trick hamza yusuf does, but all shaykhs. And not only shaykhs, but even kuffar do this too! Really, they do.

    Also hamza yusuf is not a scholar and neither is anwar awlaki. They are our brothers, insha’Allah, and they are much more knowledgable than us ignorant westerners, but be cautious of over praising. The real scholars don’t go over seas and then come back and say “I’m a scholar follow me!” Subhan’Allah, Imam Abu Hanifa studied under his shaykh for 18 years, if i’m not mistaken. So where are we to say so-and-so is a great alim? May Allah guide us all to the truth.

  7. Muslim Robot says:

    Asalamu alaikum

    Hani, from what I understand that scholars are the ones who identify who a scholar is. Sometimes it takes many many years for a person to be deemed a scholar. At most the speakers we listen to are students of knowledge. Even Yasir Qadhi who has studied in Medina university and Islam for over 10 year said that he just barely qaulifies as a student of knowledge. I witnessed him saying this in Toronto during the sciences of Quran seminar he taught.

  8. tawheed says:

    salam alaykoum. If any brothers or sisters are truely interested in learning about jihad then i suggest as the brother Ibn Adam did to listen to Sheik Anwar Al Awlaki as he has many lectures on the topic. Inshallah allah accepts his work. and all points that he makes he strenghens with quran, sirah, and strong authentic ahadith. he does a very good job of using authentic sources only and explains the understanding not only linguistically but also the sahabi understanding of the sayings of the prophet (pbuh), quran and any other evidences he uses, so the listener is able to understand the true context. it is very unfortunate nowadays that many ahadith and even quran is presented in the wrong context and in some cases twisted purposefully. Then again It is just as the prophet (pbuh) said we are making all the same mistakes as the unbelievers, following them into the “lizard hole” as it were. Inshallah Allah t’ala guides all of us. salam alaykoum

    • DC says:

      Asalamu alaikum. The truth is that some scholars (or students of knowledge) such as Sheik Anwar Al Awlaki focus almost exclusively on physical jihad. I don’t doubt his (Awlaki’s) knowledge but I think we should not disparage one scholar for the sake of another. By this I mean, Yusuf and Awlaki simply take different approaches. What I like about Sheyk Yusuf is that he is able to put everything in context; he has a broad understanding of history (not just Islamic history) and he is able to put things into perspective. In my opinion, the brothers from North America (such as Qhadi, Yusuf, Shakir, etc.) seem to be better able to do this, to give us the “big picture.” Again, just my opinion. I am troubled, however, by how easily some Muslims easily defame a student/scholar like Sheik Yusuf. Do you know what it means, to do this? In the “old school” you had to COME PREPARED if you were going to just dismiss someone’s knowledge of the deen. You may notice that Sheik Awlaki never dismisses others by name. If HE won’t do it, what do you think that says about internet-warriors who fight it so easy to drag someone’s name through the mud?
      May we all be guided down the straight path – Allah Knows Best.

  9. mark jones says:

    Humsa sounds like a person that is talking a bout a subject that he rather not be talking about. He mentions everything but jihad. Its funny because a long time ago i remember it was he , that was one of the first imams that i heard speak about the subject. he gave hadeth on the subject that i never herd since. back then muslims were not the cover story so i guess it was easy then. now it seems he forgot all those hadeths.

  10. mark jones says:

    one more point. those that really want to know about jihad could listen to the tapes Muhammad pbuh the sera by anwar alawaki. the sira is full with Jihad talk and knowledge that benefits.

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