Venus and Mars: Marriage, Love, & Mercy

Riad Ouarzazi

11 Responses to “ Riad Ouarzazi – Venus and Mars: Marriage, Love, & Mercy ”

  1. Jazaak allaahu khayrn!

  2. Um AbdeLLAH says:

    A much needed topic in the ummah. Barak Allahu Feekum

  3. sufi iftikhar ahmed says:

    keep gonig on with this spirit,we all do duwas,jazakumullah.

  4. anonymous says:

    mash-Allah! Agreed! A much needed topic. Jazakumullah!

  5. Humairah says:

    Mashallah, this was a great reminder.

  6. Salwa says:

    mashallah great video.

    very useful, i am embarking inshallah in marriage. The halal way. Inshallah these tips will help me and others out there.

    jazakallah khier

  7. abdu says:

    Thank you so much, jazakellah kair sheik. I wish you can write a book in more detail. we realy need this topic.

  8. zubeida says:

    subhannallah may allah reward u greatly

  9. uzma says:

    Asalamalaikum,Mashallah.A very beautiful lecture..Inshallah I will follow it…

  10. Gabriela says:

    MashaAllah! This is such a great lecture for married couples and brothers and sisters looking to get married. May Allah reward you with all the best in this dunya and the hereafter, ameen.

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