Reclaiming Islam from the Extremists

Waleed Basyouni

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14 Responses to “ Waleed Basyouni – Reclaiming Islam from the Extremists ”

  1. abd says:

    Did the sahaba loose the only opportunity in their life when they were killed in badr, uhud, etc? What about abdulla ibn zubair who fought al hajjaj?

    I don’t support suicide bombings or random terrorist actions. Just making that clear, but I support my brothers against oppressors.

  2. Ibn Ahmad says:

    Let us not forget that at the time of Salah ad-Din al-Ayyoubi, the majority of the ‘Ulamaa where against him and we see the result. Subhanullah! We are not a weak ummah, the youth at least will never bow their heads to anyone but Allah ta’ala. We will defend our invaded lands from kufr, we will take our stolen lands from the kuffar and we will spread Islam like the way of the Sahaba (RA) insha’Allah! May Allah guide and bless the Mujahideen with His Rizq.

  3. J says:

    Abd, why are your words so vague? You say you don’t support suicide bombings and random terrorist actions, yet you support those who do them (i.e. Al-Qaeda)? Are they your brothers who you speak of who fight against oppressors?

    Ibn Ahmad, you dare give the example of Salahudin Ayyubi to support Al-Qaeda? What on earth are you talking about that he flouted the Ulama? Far from it. He was always in the company of the scholars, and he fraternized them and built schools from them, studied under them, and was closely associated with them.

    And how dare you give him as an example when he used to break down in tears when the non-Muslim woman would come to him saying she lost a husband? And how dare you give Salahudin as an example to defend Al-Qaeda when Salahudin’s last greatest act was to make peace with the Crusader states in what is modern day Israel, when in fact Al-Qaeda would condemn those who dared make peace with Israel or who agreed to the two state solution?

    And how dare you use Salahudin as an example, when history attests to the fact that he was the most careful in making sure civilians were not killed? How dare you use Salahudin to justify Al-Qaeda when Salahudin was so merciful to the non-Muslims that they would speak about him in awe and appreciation up until this very day?

    How dare you use Salahudin to justify Al-Qaeda when Salahudin was so careful about covenants that he refused to seize the gold that the Crusaders were stealing from the churches, whereas Al-Qaeda breaks the modern day covenants of VISAs to perpetrate acts like 9/11?

    So please do not dare to compare Salahudin to the scum that is Al-Qaeda.

  4. Ibn Ahmad says:

    Asalaamu ‘alaikum my brother,

    “J” I think you misunderstood me brother. I used Salahuddin as an example because the majority of scholars at that time where against him. I did not say all of them. Of course he was a compassionate warrior, without a doubt. In terms of Al-Qa’ida brother, only Allah ta’ala knows the truth of our Muslim brothers, but my point is do not base your opinions on the media. 96% of the world’s media is owned by 6 Jewish companies. We must be well versed in Qur’an and Hadith before passing judements on our Muslim brothers. “If a fasiq brings you information, verify it” What abour CNN and other stations then?

    What I know about Al-Qa’ida is that they helped there Muslim Talib brothers in Afghanistan, from where I am from, for that I applaud them.

  5. muslim says:

    Salaamu aleykum akhi,

    You called al-Qaida scum and from this i see your dislike of al-qaidah. But why? Do you dislike them because they wish for Allahs word to be the highest? Do you dislike them because they are making physical Jihad against the kuffar who have invaded the muslim countries. Do you dislike them because they are the only ones standing up for the muslim women who are being raped, for the muslim children being killed and for the muslim men being tortured to death. Do you dislike them because people are dying? Do you dislike them because of the news you get from the western media? Why?

    If you dislike them because they want Allahs word to be the highest then know that you will meet Allah (swa). If you dislike them because they are doing physical jihad then know that it is obligatory on every able muslim to do so when the enemy appears in the land of the people. If you dislike them because they are defending our muslim brothers and sister the know that we are sitting and they are fighting. If you dislike them because people are dying, then know that YOUR muslim sisters are being raped and your muslim brothers are being killed. Why is the blood of a kaafir more valuable than the blood of a muslim? If you dislike them because of the things you hear about them in the news then know that they are deserving of our benefit of the doubt because they are muslims.

    And besides:

    1) What do you know about al-qaidah? Who are they?
    2) What religion do they follow? What is their intention and plan?
    3)Why are they fighting?
    4)What are they fighting for?
    5)What has made them fight?
    6)Is their fighting justified islamically and when does jihad become obligatory on every single person?
    7)Are they humans, if yes then they are prone to mistakes,or?
    8) Are they muslims, if yes, don’t you think that they deserve your benefit of the doubt.

    May Allah have mercy on me and you.

  6. muslim says:

    Salaamu aleykum

    To Ibn Ahmad: May Allah (the most high) have mercy on you.

  7. Ibn Ahmad says:

    May He subhanuhu wa ta’ala have mercy on you and the believers, the followers of guidance. Wa salaamullah wa rahmatuhu ‘alaik.

  8. Ibn Muhammad As-Soomaalee says:

    assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

    My dear brothers, the issue is not with the sincere brothers that fight fi sabililah and the mujahideen fighting those oppressing our people and driving us out of our lands. The issue is with people who call themselves mujahideen but seem to have ulterior motives in their actions. There is no doubt that some of the brothers in al-Qa’idah are sincere in their hearts. However, we must look at the goals as the brother Muslim has stated above. They claim to fight to protect the Muslims but they harm Muslims in their missions. We are not talking about Muslims fighting within the ranks of the kuffar or Muslims living amongst the kuffar but innocent Muslims living in their own lands. How many suicide attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia deliberately target areas known to have only Muslim civilians and no combatants? The answer is many. If the goal of these brothers is to truly help Muslims, then why are Muslims being targeted in their own lands? Even if the Muslims in those lands are engaging in bid’ah or other types of deviancies, shouldn’t we want to educate them instead of spilling their blood? If the goal of these brothers was to help the Muslims of these lands, they should have hikmah and have patience instead of being quick to call them kuffar. At the end of the day, the Muslims that are victims of these attacks are just as much Muslim as the ones doing the attacks so who are we to say they deserved it?

    Oh Allah, have mercy on all of my brothers and sisters in Islam and guide them on the straight path. Oh Allah, keep the mujahideen fighting with sincerity to protect the Muslims safe. Oh Allah, destroy the murtadeen and munafiqeen destroy this religion from the inside. Oh Allah, destroy the oppressors of this ummah and the kafireen looking to suppress the truth. Wallahi you have promised the mumineen victory and the truest of promises are yours ameen.

  9. Ibn Ahmad says:

    Wa ‘alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Ibn Muhammad.

    My brother I agree with you, however, these “suicide attacks” are not what we think. Just last week a bomb went of in the bazaar in Pakistan killing over 100 Muslims, and the media said it was the Taliban (in other cases al-Qa’ida). However, it was not them, they said “we do not target civilians”.

    And “suicide” bombing is not as clear as we think. Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaqi explains it beautifully here:

    Wa salaamullah wa rahmatuhu ‘alaik

  10. muslim says:

    Salaamu aleykum,

    To my brother Ibn Muhammad As-Soomaalee: May Allah have mercy on you. When we see muslims being targeted and killed in suicide bombings, we must think twice. Are the Taliban killing muslims now. This is an utter lie for which the mujahideen will get the reward on the Day of judgement. How can we even for a second think that people who have given up their lives for the sake of Allah would ever kill the muslims. On the contrary, it seems that there are other people working their plots. I am from pakistan myself and I am telling you that the events which are taking place there are extremely suspicious. We should be careful and not think that whenever there is an attach that Al-Qaidah or Taliban are responsible for it. May Allah have mercy on us.

  11. Ibn Muhammad As-Soomaalee says:

    assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

    My brother Muslim, ameen may Allah have mercy on all of us. I agree with you in the fact that we must give our brothers the benefit of the doubt when these sort of attacks happen but how about when these groups clearly claim responsibility for it and the identity of the attackers are clearly known? I am Somali so let me use an example from home. Earlier this year, Al-Shabaab carried out a suicide operation in the northern town of Hergeisa which killed many civilians. Allahu ‘alaam but the vast majority of these people killed were professed Muslims. From the reports of the victims, none were known non-Muslims. Let me ask then, what was the benefit of these attacks? The attackers were identified and Al-Shabaab claimed clear responsibility for these attacks. I could understand the argument if it was a military target with kuffar stationed, etc but this was not the case. Do we forget so soon when Rasoolullah saw said himself that someone who professes faith should not be killed? Like I said before, I am sure many of these brothers are sincere in their intentions but is this the correct means to attain that goal? There must be hikmah in the operations. If you’re attacking a area heavy with civilians, Muslim or kuffar, with no military targets, then what is the purpose of this? Is it weakening the armies of the enemies of Allah?

  12. Ibn Ahmad says:

    Asalaamu ‘alaikum Ibn Muhammad,

    My dearest brother, you are right. There is always going to be a few slip ups. Khaled bin al-Walid (RA) himself was sent to a town but ended up fighting them and Rasulullah (SA) raised his hands and said “Ya Allah bear witness I am free of what Khaled has done”. May Allah forgive our mujahid brothers. The noble Taliban went through this phase and when they where attacked in 2001 by the kuffar, the munafiq’s amongst them fled while the men remained. I think we should make du’a that the munafiq’s amongst our noble Mujahideen, that they be killed or outed insha’Allah. Those with hearts like lions should join these brothers and help them insha’Allah.

  13. None says:

    Its beautiful when you say that nothing is worst after shirk than to take a human life.. this is correct except WHY DONT YOU TRY TELLING THIS TO THE PEOPEL THAT ARE KILLING THE INNOCENT MUSLIM MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN??!!!! WHY!!? Because you are too much of a coward to tell the oppressor that what they are doing is wrong but you are more than ready to tell the oppressed that fighting back is wrong… THis goes to clearly show that you are on the payroll of the oppressor… Lannatullahi on your kind brother.. I fear your punishment in the grave and Akhirah.

  14. Abu Muslim says:

    As-Salamu Aleikum, This is a reply to this video and another one on this topic. Can someone get Sheikh Waleed to respond to it or address it? Or at least make sure he gets it? It is spreading and apparently more parts are coming out.

    Jazakum Allahu Khayra.

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