The Journey to Paradise

Waleed Basyouni

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  1. Syed J. says:

    Assalam alaikum

    Masha Allah, Sh Waleed Basyouni is one of those scholars who when i listen to, increases my iman. Subhan Allah.

    Jazak Allah Khair.

  2. kmoney says:


  3. Akram Mirza says:

    Dear Waleed.
    I liked the title you chose for your speech. So I was very interested to watch it, so we can learn, as we are all seekers of knowledge, not only in religious matters, but also knowledge in general.

    I had to stop the video at excatly 1:35 after you recite the verse “وما خلقت الجن و الانس إلا ليعبدون” and decided to comment on the most important verse in the quran.

    Lets start from the beginning. There is one verse in the Quran, only one that summons the whole principal of creation. And I am sure it is also mentioned in the earlier revelations. “ I have not created the Jin and the Ins except ot serve. Now watch the difference in translation between to SERVE and to WORSHIP. because this is where is misunderstanding starts due to misinterpretation.

    This verse means exactly what it says. No hidden information, it does not need any specialty scholars of any kind other than basic need to know arabic word roots to explain it, and surely it is not intended for certain people and not others to understand it. All there is that WE WERE misinformed of the meaning of the word SERVE.
    There are two words that are widely used in Arabic language. Servant and Slave. These two words have been mistakenly interpreted, wrongly understood, and poorly used in almost all the middle eastern societies as well as around the world.
    Let us identify the meaning of each word.
    Servant: is anyone doing any service to anyone. He or she is serving him or her whether it is for free or against a fee. The key element in servant, is that the person is free to choose. Free to choose to serve or not to serve, free to choose who to serve. Free to believe or not to believe. FREEDOM OF CHOISE. “FREEDOM OF WILL”

    Slave on the other hand: is anyone who is PHYSICALLY owned by someone. He or she is not free to choose who to serve but its rightful owner. This word is mostly used in its plural form (slaves). It’s singular in Arabic is pronounced and writtin the same way as servant in it’s singular form.
    The word servant in Arabic lanquage has a unique use and meaning. It is what is called (AL-ADAD-
    الأضداد، لأنه يطلق على الطائع والعاصي) meaning it caries both the word and its opposite. Like say body and anti-body. Believe and disbelieve. The freedom to obay or disobey. Both the obedient and the disobedient are Servants willingly obey and disobey the creator with his or her OWN FREE WILL.

    Now, with this understanding of the words, Allah all mighty is saying; I have not created the Jin and the Ins except to practice their freedom of choice from their own free will.

    Salam to everyone and everybody. Akram Mirz

  4. abdulrahman eldarrat says:

    mashallah, allah akbar, inshllah we will be of the many of the people of paradise, by the way the shaik is libyan, reppin the libyan muslim yeah

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