Why Study Arabic & How?

Nouman Ali Khan


Why is it important to learn and study Arabic? Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan explains.

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20 Responses to “ Nouman Ali Khan – Why Study Arabic & How? ”

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  2. Abd Rahaman says:

    Great Talk, Masha Allah!!

    Brother Nouman is a treasure

  3. Doa says:

    SubhanAllah, I could listen to this over and over again and never tire of it.

  4. […] Check out this lecture by him entitled: Why Study Arabic & How? […]

  5. […] i have listened to a great lecture called – Why Study Arabic & How? by Nouman Ali Khan. Mashallah, this was a great lecture and i recommend you to listen it as […]

  6. hina says:

    The speech was wonderful and touched my heart. I was already thinking to learn arabic, but this speech made me determined. I was wondering if you could help me locate any way of learning this class of arabic in Toronto. I will be waiting for your reply.
    May god bless you.

  7. shirien says:

    Hina, inshaAllah Br. Nouman and his institute, Bayyinah will be teaching classes in toranto in the near future. just check on bayyinah.com/student_center every once in a while to see if the schedules for the other two classes have been added.

  8. Rahila says:

    I want my son to take Arabic for high school credit but they don’t offer in school. They will accept any accredit school if he takes there. We live in Chicago. DO you know any online or onground classes.


  9. Azizuddin says:

    ما شاء الله A good lecture, should hear all those who knows Arabic or don’t know. please forward it to all your freinds. and pray for Nouman Ali khan. جزاه الله أحسن الجزاء

  10. Delwar Mian says:

    ma sha Allah, I’m so thankful to Allah, the Exalted that He gave me the opportunity of listening to this wonderful speech of Br. Nouman, it is really moving, and it shows me as a Muslim what I should have done, and I should be doing. ma sha Allah, I can not say enough about this lecture. If somebody tells me to listen to this lecture 20 times, a day, I would like to do that. Allah give him a hayaatan tayyebah, and give us ability to benefit from his lectures. Ameen.

  11. Naeem says:


    Need Br. Noman Lectures for his course ” Fundamentals of Classical Arabic “. Just wondering if any one can upload the recordings of his 10 days lectures.

    I am out of USA and wish to take advantage of his teaching methodology and course.




  12. syed says:

    Just after listening it, i googled for Arabic courses and Allah showed me lqtoronto.com . Hope I can learn Arabic.

  13. hawa shaikh says:

    assalam wa alaikum
    2-3 months back i used to hear the lectures of all the islamic speakers on halal tube including brother nauman ali khan which i treasure the most . now i am not able to . kindly guide me how to go about if it is with some fees.

  14. […] AUGUST 23 (Monday) – Nouman Ali Khan – Why Study Arabic & How? (http://www.halaltube.com/why-study-arabic-and-how) […]

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  16. gunay says:

    Assalamu aleykum va rahmatullahu va barakatu , Dear Sheihk and Halal Tube !:)Thank You all very much Jzaka Allahu Kheir !His lectures increases our knowldgw an he pays attention to things which usually you wont pay attention 🙂 And finally , the last part about what if i am regular muslim , i do not want to be scholar and etc , this point helped me a lot , i had intention , learnt a lil bit , then stopped but now inshallah i will refresh it no matter am i gonna be scholar or whatever 🙂

    May Allah help all of us !May A

    May Allah reward You Nouman Ali Khan FOR SUCH KNOWLDEGable lecture , Halal Tube for posting it and us for watching it !:)

  17. yasir khan says:

    very knowledgeable lecture about the importance of Arabic.are there cds available for learning Arabic, and also lectures about daily life on all topic related to Islam. from where i can get these and how.

  18. Qasim Sheikh says:

    Masha Allah great lecture .After listing your lecture i decided to learn quranic arabic .

  19. UMMASKIA says:


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