Women in Islam

Abdul Malik

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  1. muslimah =) says:

    Mashallah very good

  2. muslimah =) says:

    =) mashallah very good

  3. abu sokoto says:

    Abdul Malik is a true revolutionary in the Islamic context. He speaks the truth in the face of lies and falsehood. This lecture is one that is very important to the contemporary Western society. Listen to this young speaker without bias or prejudice. He speaks the truth.
    Hold tight to the deen and do not separate.

  4. Munz says:

    asalamu alaykum,

    could neone tell me how i can this in an audio downloadable version?


  5. naa says:

    What a great great speech! It’s time to wake up

  6. Firdous says:

    There are some men in Islamic society values the presence of women and the importance of educating them!!! May Allah bless Abdul Malik to spread this vision of revolution.

  7. AAESHA says:

    straight and direct to the point… we need abu malik to speak to america…. he does a good job… much better than our presidents, governments, mayors, judges and so on.. asalamu- alaikum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuhu to all muslims

  8. salma allahabi says:

    wow masha allah, it was so good it made me cry, alhumudllilah i reverted to islam alhumdullilah allah guided me to islam!

  9. Chanu Alam says:

    It is nice to see that how he values women’s place in our soceity…We need more Muslim man like him ..

  10. Asiah Ismail says:

    Masha’ Allah, may Allah swt bless Imam Abdul Malik and his parents.
    This is one of the important message need to be spread in our society in the time of fragility of our Ummah these days. Yes we need more of the educator like him.

  11. Hida says:

    Sorry Brother
    From what i read Umar R.A did not kill any of his children. Infact he loves children regardless of gender.
    His Daughter Habsah R.A is the wife of our Prophet S.A.W.
    If the belove sahabat kill his daughter than how come Habsah R.A is alived. From what i read there are alot of misconception in the Sirah of Prophet S.A.W. There are lot of Shia injecting false thinkiing and love to give bad thought on our beloved Khalifah.. Allah knows best.


  12. Bilal says:

    ma,sha Allah Jazakallah I really enjoyed that speech may Allah reward you for your efforts.

  13. Noor Al Hayat says:

    Assalamu alaikum Brother is very smart alhamdulilleh I will be watching him

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  15. zakkiyya says:

    I love this video, Beautiful May Allah(swt)continue to bless Brother Abdul Malik to continue his dawah to all of us Ameen!

  16. batamba says:

    could anyone help with email of imam abdul malik or his website. where he can be contacts

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