Women’s Rights in Islam

Zakir Naik

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9 Responses to “ Zakir Naik – Women’s Rights in Islam ”

  1. sharear azam says:

    Assalam.i saw lots of islamic orator but i feel Dr.zakir naik is the best lecturer as i observed in my 7 years continu observation in several lecturer of the world.By birth i am bangladeshi.I studied in india 4 year and hv oppertunity to enjoy his lacture.now i am studing in belgium.As we live in the science and technology era we hv to think and approches with the scientific was.in my concern Dr.zakir naiks lacture and question answer session mostly based on scentific system response as we need.HOPE INSHALLAH MUSLIM UMMAH WILL INCEREASE KNOWLEDGE TO OBSERVE DR.ZAKIR NAIKS LECTURE.

  2. in the name of allah. my name is M.shafiq i am from afghanistan I am 25 years old and i am militry officer and i don’t know wht to do because i am in militry with the Amarican trops some time i am fighting aginst TALEBAN it means islam because taleban are doing very byt actions som time i hting i am right to fight against taleban but some time it bodering me wht kinds of islam i am that fighting against muslem. now i am instructore in afghan military acadomy. i requst you to advece me am i right or no thanks
    with my best regard.

  3. rishan says:

    Asslamualaikum,if u know very well that they are wrong u can fight them but if they are right or if u dont know for sure better not to coz in islam its says to leave that which u are doubtfull.If u know yvone ridley the bbc reporter she converted to islam after seeing how good and kind the taleban were when she was with them.

  4. Abdul khalid says:

    I want brother Abdul Karim Zakir Naik to gave a lecture in the tittle of THE TRUE MESSAGE OF RELLIGIONS.

  5. When arrive to this subject, many people have misconception that it’s tough to comprehense. But in the event you take some time to study it completely, you will locate you will find some points lay in the article and also you will get better knowing on the topic and what the author is attempting to say. I truly do expect just about all readers can make excellent use of this.

  6. Muhammad yusuf Qassim says:

    Ma shallahu’i pray that Allah(SWT)reward our noble lecturer abundantly.Amin

  7. jia says:

    in this same lecture where rights of women were emphasized,Dr.zakir also talked about the perdah imposed on women by Allah……
    here i have a confusion regarding the satar issue,if woman isnt fully covered,the gets sin for that bcz the mite attract n distract a man……..but….. if a man’s satar in islam is very brief,from umblicus to knee but if a well built man moves around in just shorts then it wud surely n naturally attract women toooooooo n then she mite try to approch him or if he comes to her she gets weak to refuse…..i understand under islamic boundaries this must not happen but here im talking about the human nature n natural reaction.
    so y isnt the man sinful for this act of attracting n y Allah has kept the satar of men so brief?????????????

  8. babu says:

    zakir naik is great scholor

  9. sundas khalid says:

    please tell me all things which are important to give or take tallaq?

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