Homosexuality in Islam

Yaseen Shaikh


Imam Yaseen Shaikh discuses in this lecture, the issues surrounding Muslims and homosexuality. The Imam also answers several questions relating to this matter. Can one have homosexual tendencies and still be a Muslim? Can one be an active homosexual and Muslim? This video is not a hatred towards the Homosexual Communities nor is it homophobia related, but is for the purpose of educating Muslims on the issues that exist in Islam.

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One Response to “ Yaseen Shaikh – Homosexuality in Islam ”

  1. ari4nature says:

    This is outrageous. Homosexuals have never hurt anyone, as a group. Muslims have hurt people as a group, while not simply in the way of terrorism, which the Muslim community, as the Christian community also has done, tries to extricate itself of responsibility for. Extremism may not be encouraged by level heads in a faith, who respect human life, but that does not disentangle it from representing the religion it is based in. There are Christian anti-gay extremists, Muslim extremists to Westerners in Europe and the states, to Jews and to Israel, and to gays, and there are Jewish extremists among the Ultra-Orthodox, who demonize gays the same way you are, in this post, who stone gays, and who wage their own “holy” war against Muslim and Christian Palestinian Arabs. To condemn your own, means bearing the burden of what they have done as Muslims, not as “separatists” or “betrayers” of the Quran. Again, I pose the question, what have homosexuals ever done to hurt any one person on this planet? They simply have different sexual preferences than the patriarchal society we live in has deemed correct. You who preach hate, whether Muslim, Christian, or Jewish (most often Muslim and Christian,) to gay and lesbian and bisexual human beings, are hateful to God, for God/Allah made them to be this way, as he intended. All life is sacred, as is taught by Torah, and I certainly hope by the Qur’an. Even evil lives are sacred, because they are part of the whole, they are part of the living “Tree of Life”, that constitutes all living things in this whole Universe. Whether or not you’re going to argue innocent civilians who can’t change themselves are unholy or profane according to Muhammed, or are sacred as much as any other person on this planet, from an enlightened perspective, the human being is always sacred, even when he errs, or turns to evil, because he is in the image of God, a non-physical, spirit based likeness, where we can think and use awareness and consciousness and feelings, just as God can, and most other animals can’t have compassion or judgement. (Genesis) The words in Hebrew are b’tzelem elohim, and that means our souls are innately good and can never be tarnished. What does a physical act of sexual bonding have anything to do with a non-physical soul?? Only his reputation with Allah can be damaged, if that is what you choose to believe.
    And gays are NOT evil, because they don’t even have a choice. Allah willed them into being in this world. Stop preaching hate, and you will see the good is in everyone and everything, if you would only encourage love and justice over suppression and submission to your authorities. Be your own authority for once, and see the truth lies in your heart, not in demonizing interpretations of the Qur’an. Islam needs a makeover from people like yourself. Other scholars, more liberal, exist, and they would challenge you to debate this. Their interpretations would set you right. You are being evil to say these things. But, even so, you are sacred, and holy, because you are in the spiritual, non-physical image of Allah.

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