Crisis of Marriage in America

Yaser Birjas


Learn why people aren’t able to find the match they are looking for and understand what the causes of the problems that are leading the divorce are.

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21 Responses to “ Yaser Birjas – Crisis of Marriage in America ”

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  2. Yasmine says:

    Excellent lecture. Must watch.

  3. Sharif says:

    It’s time to take out the word “Crisis” and replace it with “Revolution.”

    Because Shaykh Yaser Birjas has just introduced:


    May Allah make this project go beyond everyone’s expectation! Aameen!

  4. abdifataf says:

    very beneficial lecture, jaskAllah Kahiran.

  5. ali says:

    mad shady lecture they cut parts out!

  6. […] outstanding video of the real Islamic marriage […]

  7. […] outstanding video of the real Islamic marriage […]

  8. beautiful lecture very beneficial especially for the young people listen before you decide on marriage make sure this is the person you want to be with for the rest of your life make sure you have a wali to help with your decision MashaAllah

    • zubair says:

      asak, why ‘rest of the life”? is it islam that says that? secondly, the reason for marraige for man is removed in the marraige at least in US. Muslimah’s who are religious and who come from muslim majority countries are the worst culprits. What do you do when this ‘rest of the life partner’ breaks you from your parents, siblings everyone, isolates you, she and her family bad mouth you so much and typically muslim men they declare the husband the devil within 2 month and the house becomes hell for the man?

  9. […] Watch the video: Crisis of Marriage in America […]

  10. […] Watch the video: Crisis of Marriage in America […]

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  12. struggle says:

    yes its a big crisis people mainly men are waiting too long and they are very much choosy they are old but they want always younger girl

  13. Afaf says:

    Asslam U Alaikum Wa Rehmatulahi!!!

    Jazakum Allah khair for uploadng the video,it help me a lot.
    Thank you so much

  14. D.GALAL says:

    Noah’s Ark Hadramout Yemen. سفينة نوح علية السلام MUST WATCH!!! دابة العنكبوت تكشف عن موقع سفينة نوح علية السلام من القران الكريم وهي حاليا موجودة في حضرموت.شبوة. اليمن ادخل

  15. hidaya says:

    I recently found a matching service for practicing Muslims. It seems to be a good and halal alternative to the online Islamic matrimonial websites out there. They are very nice and they sincerely want to help practicing Muslims find a practicing Muslim spouse in a halal way. You can check them out at practicingmuslimmarriage dot weebly dot com. I hope this will be helpful to anyone like me who is having a hard time finding a practicing Muslim spouse.

  16. Dear

    i am Rashid Ghafoor from Pakistan i want tho Halal Marriage
    my age is 27 year old 14-08-1983
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  17. Mike says:

    Woah this blog is great i like studying your posts. Keep up the good work! You understand, many people are looking round for this info, you can aid them greatly.

  18. Zeeshan RANA says:

    When as muslims we have problems, why dont we look to how the prophet saaw and his companions delt with them? The issue of marriage and sexuality was nothing that they didnt have to deal with. So why cant we see them as a role model and follow them… ???Rather then to use own thoughts and corrupt desires to answer what maybe be deep underlying problem. Why do we copy the western role model of dating and speed dating, when Islam perfectly asnwers all our question… IN the west islam is the fastest growing religion and 4 out of 5 reverts are female… they in fact non muslims prefer out way of life (from quran and sunna that is) not the so called devient way of life that is adopted from other sources… and when they revert to muslims they can ofter show us the way… so why as muslims do we still copy this dating and speed dating system… when islam answers us what to do…
    The issue of muslim community is lost when this is lost the issue of marriage is bound to be lost… and the issue of muslim commuinty will be lost when the issue of muslim character and responsibility on an individual level is lost… so lets go back to basics and build on the individual charachter and responsibility which will build the community which which build happy and healthy families…
    The word ummah in arabic comes from the root word umm which means mother.. we need to educated our women to become good mothers, islamically that is and to know their roles and responsibilities of a muslim women… if women are as career minded and as materialistic as they are in the west and our women folk copy them, is it no suprise this ummah and this new generation of umm (mothers) are misguided… who will teach them this, who will teach them the tafseer of surah nisah. in particular nisa verse 4… marry of the women 2,3 or 4. this will solve ur ratio problems. give women honour and dignity they currently lack…prevent them form apostatising. and losing their next life and this life as a result.
    It is also the responsibility of the men in the family to be more in control of the women, and help them marry before they are out of control wild and disobedient to their religious values blaming others of their own ignorance and misguidance, yet claim to be liberal and independent.
    The best age for child birth is 21 and certainly in the ealry twenties… men as a result of nature and sexuality dont want women past this prime age of sexuality, the biology speaks for it self… they the men should marry their own sisters of at a young age and then this problem will be solved… if the women want to have a career, then fine, but a career can come at any time yet the youth cannot be returned and the clock cannot be reversed…
    the knowledge is lost, the respect is gone… and ALlah has said unless u return to your deen, he will not give u respect and honour again… That means to get the knowledge, the purify the heart to practice the deen… (all of it) not the bits that appeal to he heart, and the help others…
    do we forget how the prophet saaw married kadija ra and who was nafisa in all of this????
    May ALlah guide those whom want to be guided. Ameen.

  19. Zeeshan RANA says:

    the only ayat in the quran that mentions women before men is the ayat with reference to marriage.

    Good women are for good men…. AL quran.

    Also in the quran Allah says if a man of good religion and good character comes to propose then he should not be rejected on that bases. If you do then on their will be immense fitna on the face of earth the like u have not seen before… on the the day of qiyamat u will have to answer for it…

    this is clearly suggesting that good men will be rejected who have good religion or good character for other reasons… such as materialistic ones…

    in the uk, 50% is the divorce rate amongst professional muslims…
    90% of divroces are filed by women. (why in islam women are not allowed to give divorce but to only ask for khulla).

    90% and 88% of muslim men and muslim women have had physical relationship prior to marriage before the age of 30 this sat is over 10 years old in 2001. it is obviously higher now.

  20. amr says:

    This is a wonderful lecture. It’s getting to be very difficult to meet muslims looking for marriage and do it in accordance with islam. I’m a strong advocate of matrimonial sites. I recommend to everyone looking to find and get to know a future spouse in an islamic manner.

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