The Weight of Salah on The Day of Judgement

Yaser Birjas

5 Responses to “ Yaser Birjas – The Weight of Salah on The Day of Judgement ”

  1. fc says:


    mashAllah -worth listening too-good reminder
    its true salah is so important, no point of giving to charity etc if your salah is not perfect

  2. Pervaiz says:

    Jazakallah khair for describing the greatness of salah in our religion.

  3. abdulrahman says:

    inshallah this will help anyone who hears this, very beautiful and worth the meere 50 minutes

  4. Nadeem Anwer says:

    Beautiful lecture brother has explained the importance of salat so well, In Shaa Allah who ever listen to this lecture will benefit, and Allah blessed brother Yaser Aamee.

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