Islamic Movements: Help or Hindrance

Yasir Qadhi

This is a panel discussion featuring many speakers.  One of the speakers is Yasir Qadhi.

2 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – Islamic Movements: Help or Hindrance ”

  1. Abdu Raheem says:

    Bismillah. The full title of this lecture is “Islamic Movements: Help or Hindrance to bringing democracy and human rights”. But should this really be our ultimate goal as Muslims? Is this what we really are seeking? Or is our ultimate goal to worship our Lord, to submit to Him totally. In every aspect of our life. Both as individuals and collectively. If we this is our goal then should not the total implementation of Islam be what we are seeking. We do not need Ibn Buta or a Shia republic which mixes Islam and Western government to tell us what the Islamic State should be like. The Islamic State was implemented for 1400 years since the time of Abu Bakr and it was a political entity which united all tribes and nations. This is history, it not something which someone made up after colonialism. These MPAC guys are teaching Muslims to think from a secular point of view rather than an Islamic one. Is that pleasing to Allah (swt)?

  2. DC says:

    السلام عليكم
    Brother, as I understood it, they (panelists) were asking the very same questions you are.

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