Making marriage workResponsibilities of a Muslim couple

Yasir Qadhi

2 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – Making marriage work – Responsibilities of a Muslim couple ”

  1. Maliha says:

    Both husband and wife need mutual respect and love, care and understanding. Problems arise when people become selfish for respect, love, extended family issues, finances, decision-making etc. If we submit to Allah and remember that we will be answerable for all our actions to Him one day, we will be just and balanced in all our relationships. Lectures like these are factual with regards to quran and hadith but lets not ignore the fact that a lot of damage has been done to the muslim family by misinterpreting phrases like “submissive wife” and the “husband needs to be respected”.

  2. مزمل بن إقبال الدادابهاي says:

    بارك الله فيه – May ALLĀH bless him. Great lecture as usual, ما شاء الله – As ALLĀH willed.

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