Ryerson University Khutbah

Yasir Qadhi

5 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – Ryerson University Khutbah ”

  1. Dawud says:

    What a great khutbah! Especially for students.

  2. Ghouse says:

    Yes it was, makes you think about your priorities and how you can strive for Islamic Knowledge like we do for Secular Knowledge.

  3. seeker-of-truth says:

    What’s the topic of the Khutbah ?

  4. Re: Topic says:

    This khutbah was a message to the students and the topic was about the importance of knowledge and the priority we should place upon islamic knowledge vs. secular knowledge.

  5. Hafiz says:

    This video has been removed by you tube please can you re upload

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