Tafsir of Surah At-Takathur (The Rivalry in world increase)

Yasir Qadhi

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  1. Suan says:

    “My brothers and sisters, if we wish to follow the footsteps of the companions, let us not forget that it is not just through ‘aqeedah, that it is not just through fiqh that we have to follow. It is also through their character, their spirit, their zuhd (asceticism), their closeness to Allah ‘azza wajal. It is very easy to put a label on yourself, that you are this and you are that. And you boast and look down on everyone else. But wallahi thumma wallahi, the majority of those people who have this boast—they are the furthest from the salaf; they are the furthest from the companions, in terms of their ‘ibaadah, in terms of their akhlaaq, in terms of their zuhd (asceticism) of this world. Where is this? It is easy to follow the companions and their aqeedah. It is important, no doubt. It is easy to follow fiqh, and it is important, no doubt. But let us not forget that if you wish to ascribe yourself to the early generations, there is more to Islam than just this. Try to live a humble and modest life. No one says to be like this [i.e. the ascetic way of life of the Prophet pbuh and his companions]; we can’t be like this. We can’t give up the blessings Allah has given us. It is difficult to. **But let us not forget that there is another dimension of Islam, that frankly, is being very much neglected—the spiritual dimension of Islam; the asceticism, the piety**”

    Jazkakallah khairan for this great reminder.

    Indeed, the spiritual dimension of Islam is being very much neglected. May Allah make us followers of the Prophet in both his inner and outer practices and save us from hypocrisy, ameen.

    • tayyab says:

      @ suan… i cn seriously smell the hatred uv got there for Fiqh nd followers of Fiqh… nd this is so not appreciable .. -_____-

  2. Ahmad Najib says:

    I dont believe that Suan has expressed either consciously or subconsciously the hatred for fiqh. He has just reminded us all that in addition to follow shariya, we must not forget that the purified heart is the essence of iman and essential to please Allah. RAsullullah was a very soft and sensitive man, at the same time he was very consistent in implementing the rule of law . So there is not an eternal fight between piety and fiqh. We should be mature and muslim enough to have both in our hearts,starting from myself.

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