The 10 Best Days

Yasir Qadhi


There are 10 days better than any other days. These are the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. Sh. Yasir explains.

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10 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – The 10 Best Days ”

  1. BP says:

    MashaAllah very encouraging and a great reminder to worship Allah on these days that we tend to neglect- JazakAllah Shaykh

  2. Muslimah says:

    Masha’allah this is a really beneficial lecture.

  3. K-sis says:

    I listened to this twice and listed the things to do, however, i noticed he jumped from #6 (Sacrificial animal) to #9 (Eid prayer). Did I miss something?

  4. mohamed says:

    MashaAllah very encouraging and a great reminder to worship Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala yeah what happend to number 7and8
    does any one kno how i can download this to my ipod any info leave me a message mohamed

  5. Abd Rahman says:

    Masha Allah this is an excellent talk. May Allah (swt) reward Shakyh Yasir and increase him in knowledge. One point he said I did not agree with and that is about the Eid Salah being fard. I think this is an issue in which there is difference of opinion among the scholars. I know in the Shafi school it is Sunnah and not Fard. I think he should have said it this way like he did for the sacrifice (letting us know that it is a difference of opinion instead of just saying that it is fard)

  6. Mohammed Khan says:

    Abd Rahman,

    Correct. According to Shafees and Malikis, it’s Sunnah. According to Hanbalis, which Shaykh Yasir follows, it’s Fardh Kifayah. i.e. If some perform it, others don’t have to. According to Hanafis, it’s wajib or Sunnah.

    In other words, if there is a major reason for missing the Eid prayer, then you are allowed to miss it. Whereas Fajr prayers it’s Fardh according to every scholar. So I think the Shaykh was wrong in his stressing of the Eid prayers the way he did. No Madhab says that it’s Fardh on every single Muslim. Ibn Taymiyah is probably one of the few scholars who said it’s mandatory for everyone.

    It’s best to get our Fiqh from people who have an in depth knowledge of Fiqh and who tolerate differences of opinion and who make things easy for people.

  7. Rajab Shaaban says:

    Asalam Alykum

    Shaykh Yasir say that on his lectures the first 10 days of Dhull -Hijja is better than on the month of Ramadan, he say the day time of dhull hijja is better then Ramadan.

    How is going to be 10 days of dhull hijja is better then Ramadan first off all Dhull Hijja is sunna and the whole Ramadan is the faradh. is the sunna better then faradh?

  8. SAJID SHEIKH says:

    As salamoalykum

    its not working anymore, its shows that video is private.

  9. Sameena Hamza says:

    many points were unknown to me. inshaAllah i’lltry to follow in the coming yr! jazakallahu khiran

  10. Issaka says:

    Shayk! Barakallahou fik, djazakallahou hairane an’na wa anil islam wa muslimin

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