The Implications of Zakat

Yasir Qadhi

6 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – The Implications of Zakat ”

  1. مزمل بن إقبال بن داود بن موسى الدادابهاي says:

    A pleasure as usual to listen and benefit from Shaikh Yaasir. بارك الله فيه – May ALLAAH bless him.

  2. Naseem Ashraf Beigh says:

    May Allah bless Shaikh Yasir & provide a high place in jannah

  3. Naseem Ashraf Beigh says:

    The lectures of Shaikh Yasir are too good. they lead a man to spiritual awakening

  4. qabale jirma says:


  5. jules says:

    such beautiful and honest dialogue…sadly, Money has become a God of sorts…we see it particularly in the West….
    The truth is…we must honour our CREATOR (Allah swt) and not his creations.

    respectfully, observer jules

    salaam alaikum….

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