The #MeToo Movement & Sexual Crimes from an Islamic Perspective

Yasir Qadhi


In this video, Sh. Dr. Yasir Qadhi covers the important topic of sexual harassment and crimes in our society. Some topics covered include:

1 Such crimes are indeed crimes and sins in the sight of Allah SWT.
– Any person committing such a sin must seek forgiveness from Allah and try to right a wrong with the victim (if possible)
– A person in power or authority committing such is a heavier sin
2) Parents should recognize, pay attention to signs of trouble and protect their children
– The vast majority of molestation occurs in hand of friends and relatives
3) If friends and family come to us for emotional support, this is not the time for blame, rather compassion should be shown
-legal authorities should be involved if necessary

Some lessons from the Quran & Seerah:
– Evil existed even at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
– The Prophet did not question harshly or reprimand the woman
– Mistaken identity is possible
– Yusuf (A.S) was a victim of power differential, but he passed the test
– One should repel the test as much as possible, but the coercion (forced) situation is forgiven

4) We should, as a society, reflect upon the rise of promiscuity, immorality, free-mixing, pornography, objectifying the female (or male) body and instead encourage intimacy strictly within marriage, limiting time alone with opposite gender, modest dress-code, etc, in order to uplift the principles of Islam.

5) Anytime harm is being done to others, this should be dealt with swiftly, publicly and may involve authorities. If adults are involved in private sins, they should be advised privately first.

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