Victory: Preparation and execution of your best Ramadan ever

Yasir Qadhi


As the moon of Ramadan draws near, and the stakes are as high as they have ever been, there are those who are waiting to fulfill on a promise of destiny.

At a time in which efforts are multiplied and so are rewards in which the serious roll up their sleeves, lose sleep and get to work.

When the battleground is cleared and it is simply you and your own soul, your enemy is at its weakest… and victory is within your reach… All you have to do is grab it!

“And whoever is drawn away from the hellfire and entered into paradise then he is indeed Victorious” – [Surah al-Imran:185]

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One Response to “ Yasir Qadhi – Victory: Preparation and execution of your best Ramadan ever ”

  1. Mina says:

    Thank Allah for Yasir Qadhi, what an amazing lecture bout Ramadan and if we realy follow what sheikh yasir says then we really can make it the best Ramadan enshallah.
    i do recommend this lecture to who ever wants to have the best ramadan ever.

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