Keeping the Heart Alive

Yasmin Mogahed

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  1. Shifa Nazeer says:

    Salam Alaikum.
    Thank you so much for this lecture. May Allah reward you abundantly.
    Allahu Akbar

  2. gb says:

    Salam Alaikum. Your lecture was very nice. However, I have a few questions. If our sole purpose here on Earth is to worship Allah, then why are we given so many distractions, like the desire to look good and and the desire to be the best in our profession…etc.? Let’s say that I want to look good one day and wear makeup. It would not be serving Allah, but it’s something that I do because I have this desire to look good, in order to feel good about myself. How would this fit in my purpose and goal of only worshipping Allah?

    Thank you so much!

    • Zaki Zaheer says:

      Salamualaikum sister what “m” said is true that looking decent and beautiful is part of our faith. Because of many things for example (in translation) “Allah is Beautiful and likes things that are beautiful”, and other narrations by the prophet Muhammad (saw). The distractions are the tests (for example what kind of test doesn’t have problems) and the thing we were sent here to do is to take those tests and despite them, sincerely try to worship Allah (swt). But realize we are not here to be PERFECT, if Allah (swt) wanted us to have perfect Ibadah then he could have made us angels but BECAUSE we have these other desires and despite them we look to Allah (swt) is the reason why mankind is honored above all creation. Quranic verse ” and what have we created Mankind and Jinn except that you worship” – hope that helps Salam

      • Zaki Zaheer says:

        Sorry I made a mistake the verse is ” and what have we created Mankind and Jinn except that they worship” not “you worship”. Also this is just one explanation if you are still not satisfied just ask. Again Salam

  3. m says:


    gb: looking good and being the best in our profession etc are all forms of worship if our intentions are for Allah swt alone x

    • Salihh says:

      What “M” said is correct. You can’t stop your self from having desires, but when your desires stop you from doing what your supposed to be doing as a Muslim now its shirk.

  4. Venessa says:

    Salaams, This was such a good lecture Mashallah.

  5. Venessa says:

    The first Lecture i have listened to from a sister 🙂

  6. Salim says:

    Very nice lecture covering many important topics, would like to hear more from the sister InshaAllah.
    Also another lecture on Halaltube on similar topics:

    jazakallah khair sister

  7. shuibibr says:

    A very interesting lecture sister. May Allah reward and bless you for all your beautiful effort.Thank you.

    Allahu Akbar

  8. ABUBAKAR says:


  9. heather says:

    Thanks so much Sister! xoxo Excellent! Masha’Allah

  10. Ijaz Tahir says:

    Assalam o Alaikum

    I am highly appricate these islamic lectures. I think it is a better source of islamic informations. A great many pepole get benfits. May ALLAH give you more blessing for this islamic struggle.


  11. shahida says:

    i really appreciate your convinced logicaly,indeed ur words have power to change the way of our lives.may Allah increase ur knowledge

  12. farah says:

    A beautiful lecture, you spoke from the heart to our hearts. It touched a chord. May Allah reward you and bless our planet with more people like you.

  13. F says:

    I have some questions:

    If it’s not permissible to take out loans, how should one attend professional school? I do not have the financial means to support my medical education in the states and if I don’t take a 300k loan, I can’t pay my way through it. Sr Yasmin talked about wanting big houses or branded cars. But if you want to move into a bigger house because a condo can’t support a growing family, you will have to take a mortgage. And it’s just that the average family does not have enough liquidity to support educational endevours + mortgage payments + car payments, etc on their own without the help of loans from institutions.

  14. zakkiyya says:

    May Allah Azza Wa Jall reward you uhkti Yasmin for your sencerest efforts to convey the message of Islam Ameen! Yor lectures are beautiful reminders for all of us keep doing what you do sis lol 🙂

  15. Riyaz says:

    I love you my sister for Allah and wish you all the best in all your endeavours and pray that your efforts bring some change in our lives.

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