Salah: Life’s Forgotten Purpose

Yasmin Mogahed

8 Responses to “ Yasmin Mogahed – Salah: Life’s Forgotten Purpose ”

  1. amatuallah says:


    mashallah very beautifull lecture…..

    with amazing example..
    jazakumullah hu kahiran

  2. Niamatullh says:

    Very good. Salat is very necessary. on the day of judgement, Allah SWT will ask about it.

  3. uzma says:

    Assalamalaikum sister…jaakallahkhair..:)

  4. Umm Suhaib says:

    I love you so much for sake of Allah sister:)

  5. nadira says:

    May Allah bless you sister the way you present the lecture makes one want to come back and here more and more

  6. shahla says:

    Mashallah v well supported lecture…sister can u pls kindly do lectures on how to recite Dua for children who r not focus and less attentive in school..i kindly appreciate. Shukria.

  7. sophia says:

    Im so happy she gives lectures. She is one of my favorite lecturers, she speaks with such clarity and eloquence.

  8. Hassan Gedi says:

    Out sister’s lectures help us REFOCUS and recommend to all of us humans
    Including from my family to non muslims

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