Facing Depression

Yassir Fazaga

8 Responses to “ Yassir Fazaga – Facing Depression ”

  1. Kaoula says:

    Mashallah, a really good lecture..
    We really need more lectures like these!!

  2. OC Muslim says:

    I heard this lecture live at the Anaheim Masjid at State College Blvd. May Allah increase our imaan and grow our Ummah inshallah. Thank you for posting this!

  3. Lily says:

    Absolutely awesome, mashAllah. The shaikh gives some very practical and insightful advice. Great lecture. JAK for posting.

  4. Aalia says:

    “All depression means is that the challenges that you have outweigh the resources that you have.” It’s not a reflection of lack of Iman or lack of strength.

  5. henna says:

    MashaALLAH yassir fazaga is a very good psychologist that uses the islamic teaching and ideology for personality building unlike other many people who claim to be counselors and mental health experts whose theories and ideology oftenly strikes back a muslim brain……..

  6. yasmeen says:

    I love Yassir Fazaga for the sake of Allah. His lectures have helped mr a great deal in my life Mashallah. May Allah bless him and give him goodness in this world and in the hear after.

  7. Rehan says:

    Does Mr yassir fazaga have any email or contact ?? i wanna talk to him

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