Self-Image Psychology

Yassir Fazaga

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  1. shoon says:

    Mashallah, I really like Yassir Fazaga’s kutbahs and speeches. He seems like such a well-grounded, non-judgmental being. May Allah give him a long and healthy life so that he may inspire everyone who sees and listens.

  2. MUAZU MADUGU says:

    Allahu Akbar whenever i either listen or wacth brother fazaga delivering his speeches i do feel great inside me because i’m seeing my deams being translated by someone else, i love him and i love what he is doing, may Allah protect him and his iman to continue redeeming people from shackle of ignorance amin and equally i pray one day i will see him face to face amin

    • maryam says:

      Oh MashALLAH I love his speeches u have a crush on him. I think he is married, if I was you I would give it a try. He will be a good husband. May Allah have mercy on the Muslim ummah.

  3. AISHA says:

    manshaallah,he is well versed with knowledge and understanding and may ALLAH produce the likes of him in our ummah.allahuma ameen.”don’t crush others souls rather inspire them order to bring a change and u carry the flag of
    change with u so show good actions to others even ur worst
    enemies 4 ALLAH’s seek” spread peace among ur brothers
    and don’t delittle ur self ur the best no matter what.that’s the massage i learnt from the wonderful peace to everyone and may ALLAH grant us janah.AMEEN

  4. jabed uddin says:

    Very good lecture, mashallah. Is this lecture avalibel in CD?

  5. D.GALAL says:

    دابة العنكبوت تكشف عن موقع سفينة نوح علية السلام من القران الكريم وهي حاليا موجودة في حضرموت.شبوة. اليمن ادخل Noah’s Ark Hadramout Yemen. سفينة نوح علية السلام MUST WATCH!!!

  6. rehima mohammed says:

    i relly appretiat ur lecture, mashallah may Allah bless and accept ur deeds and help us to have enough kldg about islam.

  7. zakkiyya says:

    Very interesting Lecture and very benefical to all muslims and non-muslims alike “May Allah(swt)continue to bless this knowledgeable brother and his family inshaAllah.

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  9. Shea Cousins says:

    Considerably, the article is in reality the sweetest on this valuable topic. I agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your next updates. Just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the wonderful lucidity in your writing. I will directly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Solid work and much success in your business endeavors!

  10. ali says:

    i like ur dawa it is very impressing

  11. niyaz says:

    Br. Yassir lectures are unique for any individual who wants to develop good moral character. They are very educational and need of the day for any. A combination of spiritual and
    secular thinking is the need for the young today as they are
    caught in a web and try to find the right way.

    May Allah give Br. Yassir a long life and bless him to continue the good work.Ameen!

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  13. Aisha Buthelezi says:

    Alhamdulillah, it is such a blessing to hear the lecture from the brother, it reminds us as muslims how much we are priviledged to be muslims.

  14. it is a very effective speech. Everyone will benefit from it. I wish the good health and long life of Mr. Fazaga. May Allah shower His blessings on him.

  15. Anwar Alquds says:

    AA, Masha’allah I really enjoy brother Yasir lectures. I like the fact that he is speaking intelligently with facts and psychology background, May Allah bless you. Please keep up the good work.

  16. abdikarim walhad says:

    maashaa allah….bro fazaga… there any book u wrote ?

  17. saif says:

    Not only I wathced the video; I showed it to my family.(my parents,sister and grandmother).It is such an enlightening lecture.I have been suffering from low self-worth from the very beginning of my life…now i am 27,but still could not get rid of the affliction of low self-worth….but after watching this great lecture; I am getting the right motivation to fight these deadly disease.May allah Help me.
    May Allah give the true reward of this lecture to brother yasir fazaga…Ameen.

  18. Thanseer Kerala Malappuram Edavanna says:

    Insightful talk on the topic…

  19. mohammed says:

    masah’Allah he is my fouvrite lecture and the best dinamic da’es wen i leisen to his lectue i feel the best of my self and i undrestand that i am honer by almighty God like any other man kind and it is very intresting and great teaching of islam and i hope every one will be benefited from this great teaching of islam and as he is my country man eritrea i hope he play great role in changing the life of those refugee like me who lives in exile. So i ask Allmighty God to in power the iman of every muslim and muslima and give long and healthy life to inspiring speacker and brother in islam yassir fazaga aminnnnnnnnnnnnnn ya raba alamin.

  20. Allison says:

    AA: This lecture used to be over 1 hour and know something is wrong and the video is 3 minutes. Can you reload it please. JAK

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