Following a Madhab

Zaid Shakir

4 Responses to “ Zaid Shakir – Following a Madhab ”

  1. AH says:

    JazakAllah Khayr Imam Zaid. Wonderful lecture from the traditional Sunni perspective.

  2. Aisha says:

    Brilliantly explained…I have been searching for a lecture on why following a madhab is essential, and this has answered most my questions. May Allah reward Shaykh Zaid 🙂

  3. thaaqib1990 says:

    this is true: Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah said it’s permissible to follow a madh-hab. Allah also says in the Quran “fas2alu ahla adh-dhikri in kuntum laa ta3lamoon-follow the people of knowledge if you know not.”

    Too many people aren’t following scholarship anymore which is sad

  4. Mash’Allah, Imam Zaid has truly been blessed with the gift of teaching. The only way our ummah is ever going to improve its place in this world is to fulfill the responsibility placed upon all of us to study under formally trained masters of traditional scholarship. May Allah give us the tofiq to do so.

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