Debate with Dr. William Campbell: The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science

Zakir Naik

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  1. Abdullah says:

    Towards the end of this video, Zakir Naik says that in a miracle, a son cannot be 2 years older than his father. All one has to do is turn to the following book: Ibn Kathir – Stories Of The Prophets – pp 295-296 to see that Zakir Naik is wrong. In that book, a hadith is cited saying that Uzayr was put to sleep for over a 100 years, and when he woke up, he realized his grandchildren were older than him. So, for a son to be 2 years older than his father, this can be a miracle, as it is not inherently impossible as a contradiction is. A contradiction would be: a son being 2 years older than his father and not being 2 years older than his father concurrently.

    • Geger says:

      Re. your Uzayr story when he woke he might be LOOK or FEEL much younger than his grandchild. However he is still older than his son or grandson.

      • Abdullah says:

        On what basis do you say he was still older than his grandchildren after he woke up? Your saying that, not the scholars. I have the book, and it doesn’t say what you said. It says his son and grandchildren were older than him. It also mentions that a woman who was the maidservent of Uzayr was older than him after he woke up; it doesn’t say anything about look or feel. Read the original Arabic text on the story of Uzayr for more:

      • saroni says:

        Chronologically speaking, the father is any time older than the son or any of his descendants

    • Nshahzad says:

      well your reply is in your objection. Uzair still was older than his grandsons as He was existed when they were not. if the age is stopped by a miracle that doesn’t mean that specific person becomes younger than his sons/grand sons. I didn’t came through the hadith you are talking about but yet what the wisdom says it might be telling that no doubt he slept unusually for long time i.e. 100 years, normally a man gets older or even die within this time but as Allah’s will he didn’t die or grew old as his age got stopped at the same time. yet in time span he was definitely older than his sons and grandsons. i.e 100+ years old. hope it cleared the point.

      one suggestion, don’t make insensible criticism on Islamic scholars, how much people you have converted as Muslims, i m sure none; and to the person you are trying to prove wrong; converts Masha’Allah lots of people i have seen personally.


  2. saad says:

    masha allah it was very good

  3. Basilia says:

    You blog has been a great find and the information likewise aswell keep the good stuff coming

  4. Ikram says:

    Probably a son can never be older than his father unless a miracle happens but you dont have to wait for a miracle to happen everytime.I agree with Dr Zakir

  5. Books says:


    […]Zakir Naik – Debate with Dr. William Campbell: The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science | Halal Tube[…]…

  6. Qadim el Haramain says:

    I don’t understand why there are this sort of people who are so anxious to prove ot

  7. reece says:

    Dr cambell was screwed while the butc sam shamoun was watching and did not dare to ask fir a challenge with naik.

  8. reece says:

    Ali sina the hypocrite believes that dr campbell has won tge debate between naik and campbell whereas, campbell himself accepts defeat and was smashed by naik while sam shouman was watching. Naik is the truthfull and more knowledgable.

  9. reece says:

    Brothers please post the debate between campbell and naik on ali sinas web, as well as on sam sgamouns so people can see fir themselves tge truth from falsehood. Its our responsibility to promote the video in all sites in order for people to see.

  10. reece says:

    The difference between naik and sam shouman, ali sinai is that naik honestly in black and white explains and suppirts his arguments and lets the audience reach coherent conclusions. Whereas, sam, ali, sina, campbell are all using manipulation. All hindus, christians hate naik, instead they should listen in order to correct themselves. Any person being unbiased and with brains would explicitly know the difference. Naik champion of islam.

  11. Gulalam Khan Alamgir says:

    Allah give to Dr. Zakar naik long life.
    He is very nice man.

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