Abdul Rahman Chao Lectures

Catyalysts for Repentance

Shaykh Chao speaks on how to prepare us for Ramadan. He also talks about repentance and what we can do about it or things that happen to us that cause others to do tawbah.

Responsibilities of a Muslim

Sh. AbdulRahman Chao reminds Muslims what their responsibilities are to this ummah, to Islam, and to each other.

Why We Worship

In this khutba Sh. Chao gives us the reasons we worship Allah [God Alone] as Muslims. Good for parents, people involved in Dawah, and for non-Muslims.

The Dunya and True Happiness

Sh. AbdulRahman Chao gives a very inspiring lecture what is [on how to achieve] true happiness, as well as touching upon the true nature of the dunya. He also examines practical steps of how to increase happiness through moderate asceticism.

Strengthening the Faith

In this lecture, Sh. Chao explores 9 practical ways to increase one’s faith.

The Treaty of Hudaibiyah

Shaykh AbdulRahman Chao expounds in detail on the historical event of the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. He also explores the most important lessons and morals from the treaty of Hudaybiyyah.

Taking Advantage of the Season

In this khutbah, Shaykh Abdul Rahman Chao explores the importance of time and the importance of fasting in the winter months.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

In this lecture, Sh. A.R. Chao expounds on the importance of having a positive and healthy view of oneself. How can we improve our self esteem and appreciate what Allah we has given to our bodies to become a better Muslim.

The Reality of Death

A very powerful reminder about the temporary nature of this worldly life, and the fact that we will enter our graves with only our faith and our good deeds that we did to please God. Given at the Islamic Center of Tennessee [theictn.org].

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