Omar Suleiman Lectures

Guidance from Surah Yusuf

Imam Omar Suleiman explains why Surah Yusuf is important for us to read whenever we are sad and learn the lessons from it.

“My Master, I appeal to You of my weakness…”

There is a concept that glory comes to this Ummah through approaching only the movers and shakers of society. But The Prophet (pbuh) said we are provided for in accordance with how we view the weak in our society. It is a complete paradigm shift and provides a road map to gaining the help of the Creator. It also stretches far beyond financially supporting the weak.

Surrounded by Signals: The Reality of Social Media

In this session, Sheikh Omar Suleiman addresses the reality and consequences of social media in a Muslim’s life. What are some of the ways that social media influences us? What are some of the consequences of using it? What are the benefits that we can reap from it?

Endless Devotion: Remembering Those Who Remembered You

Shaykh Omar Suleiman discusses show gratitude to people who did good for you in your life.

Cure for the Hearts: Quranic Solution for Personal and Social Problems.

And We send down of the Qur’an that which is healing and mercy for the believers. (Al-Qur’an 17:82)

Masjid Al Aqsa : The Occupied Sanctuary

Imam Omar Suleiman explains the religious significance of Masjid al-Aqsa.

Is Life Fair? What is the Reason to Live?

Sh. Omar Suleiman who asks important questions about our goal in life. Is the enjoyment of life the ultimate goal worth living for? Can a blind and homeless individual be more content than a famous actor? Explore why individuals display such varying levels of contentment.

I’m too Afraid to Wear Hijab or Pray in Public

Shaykh Omar lends some support to those of us feeling like we cannot openly participate in our Religion’s beautiful practices.

Ihsan With Allah, Ihsan Between Us

Wherever Islam has gone it has produced wondrous beauty, a reflection of inward and outward excellence (ihsan), from the arts to human character. This session will move us to rediscover the meaning of beauty, and how to achieve and manifest it in the making of Muslim American culture.

Why does Allah…?

Why does Allah allow this to happen? Why me? Why did Allah do this to me? Shaykh Omar Suleiman explains Allah’s response to these questions.

How to be with the Prophet in Jannah

Take the time to watch this lecture all the way through and share it. It deals with the difficult question of why some people do not feel any sort of love for the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as well as an academic approach to ways we can attain his blessed company in Jannah.

Reviving a Dead Heart

Imam Omar Suleiman reminds us in this khutbah on the importance to be in a state of remembrance of Allah.

A Roadmap for Achieving the Renaissance

To bring about success, all necessary elements should be covered. Maintaining the success is by no means less important than achieving it. Therefore the building process needs to be well controlled in order for the foundation to be robust and the end result will last long. This session presents the main features for the process of building the Renaissance, which includes comprehensiveness, balance, and relevance.

The Simple Math of Success: Self – Ego = Divine Change + Happiness

The Qur’an tells us that “God does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition” (13:11). We also know that the Prophet (God’s peace and blessings be upon him) told us that our greatest enemy is the ego that resides between our two sides. What is the ego (nafs), and why is it such a formidable foe? The current Muslim crisis can be solved only by divine change. But first we must learn to change our own condition so that it may help bring about the change we want in the world. This talk will include a Qur’anic diagnosis and treatment plan for the current Muslim crisis.

Following the Stars of Islam

Shaykh Omar explains that the lives of the Prophets, the Sahabas and great scholars of the past give us a wide variety of examples of different situations in life and types of people that we should follow.

Youth: The Lifeline of a Community

The ADAMS Center Youth Group and Young Muslims co-hosted a program titled “Youth: The Lifeline of a Community” with visiting scholar Imam Omar Suleiman. Sheikh Omar gave some practical steps to those in attendance to get active, take action, and make a difference in their community.

A Reflection of Greatness

Why did Allah choose Muḥammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as the last and final messenger? Shaykh Omar Suleiman breaks it down in this amazing lecture from IlmFest Chicago 2012.

Faith As A Source of Happiness

Iman as the Source of Happiness. The 4 Components of Being Happy as related by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

The “Ugliest” Sahabi?

What is beautiful to us may not be beautiful to Allah. And what we consider unattractive may indeed be beloved to Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him).

Achieving the Goal of Life

What is the Goal of life? What is missing from our lives? Where is our time being spent? How should we achieve this goal?

Cherish Your Daughters

Are you disgusted with the news of female child infanticide, raping, and mistreatment of women in the news lately? Discover what the Qur’an say about the glad tiding of a daughter and females in society.

Your Audit: Courtesy of Internal Reckoning Service

“That Day, We will seal over their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their feet will testify about what they used to earn.” [Surah Yasin 36:65]
On the day when there will be no lies, deceptions, or injustice, we will be judged by our Lord, Who is Al-Hakam (the Judge). Everyone will come to know their fate by the manner in which they are handed their book of deeds. In regards to the reckoning on this Day, our beloved Prophet (s) is reported to have said, “”The first thing about which a man is going to be questioned on the Day of Judgment is prayer. If it is found to be sound, his other actions will be sound as well. If his prayer is not sound, his remaining actions would be spoiled.” (Al-Tabarani & Tirmidhi)
Furthermore, in the last verses of Surah Az-Zalzalah of the Holy Qur’an, a brief description of this judgment is enough to send a chill down our spines: “So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.”

The Search for the Sound of the Soul

“Therefore, stand firm in your devotion to the upright faith – the nature made by Allah, the one on which mankind is created – and the laws of Nature ordained by Allah cannot be changed. That is the standard of true faith, but most among mankind do not know.” (30:30)

We are God’s greatest creation, perfect and innocent in our childhood. This is the beginning, the moment where we are precisely calibrated to the Truth. It has been described as our inherent nature, but since we are bombarded by modern dogma, human philosophies, and tampered traditions, it gathers dust waiting to be known again. Therefore, we ask the question, what is our true nature and why were we given it? And if we are to rediscover this natural state of ours, it certainly may need some polishing in order to see our unblemished reflection again. As a result, we may find something we had felt all along but simply ignored.

The Night of your Life: Tafseer of Surah Al Qadr

Learn about Layla-tul-Qadr (The Night of Power) and learn what to do to get the reward of it.

Purification of the Soul in Ramadan

A great reminder on the importance and benefits of Ramadan by Shaykh Omar Suleiman.

The Road Less Traveled

Shaykh Omar Suleiman’s session at the Road to Revival Conference, presented by Rutgers New Brunswick Muslims’ Student Association on January 29th, 2012.

Love and Dating

Sheikh Omar Suleiman delivering a talk about love and dating in Islam at EPIC Youth’s program, How to Love, on February 10, 2012 at the East Plano Islamic Center.

Freedom in Islam

In this lecture Imam Omar discusses the reality of freedom and its limits.

A Tribute to My Mom

Imam Omar discusses his role model, his own mother.

The Day of Judgement

This is an evening program conducted by Shaykh Omar Suleiman at the Islamic Society of Baltimore on June 22, 2012.

Fighting Zina

In this lecture, Imam Omar talks to the youth about marriage, gender relations and the Islamic approach.

Buried in Mercy

Shaykh Omar Suleiman describes five of Allah (swt) beautiful names Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, Al-Gafur, Al-Wadud and Al-Halim.

Risky Business: Avoiding Innovation

The halal (permissible) and haram (impermissible) has been clarified to us by the Qur’an & the Sunnah. Sh Omar Suleiman warns us against following our desires when dealing with questionable subjects. We should guard ourselves against falsifying truths to please others and relieving ourselves from our duties to Allah and others.

Purify Your Soul by Perfecting Modesty (Hayaa)

Modesty is from faith. How does one get modesty from faith?

Creme de la Creme: Uthman ibn Affan

When the beloved Rasul passed away, the believers felt the enormity of their loss as some shed tears while others felt muddled and hopeless. Many of those who had falsely claimed to have embraced Islam were quick to revert back to ignorance. Driven by rare intrepidity, the four khulafaa upheld the flag of our deen, more than 14 centuries later their words are quoted and their lives are highly revered. Paragons of matchless virtue, faith, and character, their leadership skills remain unprecedented, may Allah be forever pleased with them. Join us as we journey through the past and study the characteristics that defined these individuals with practical applications to our own lives.

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