Lectures on Zina

Kamal el Mekki – Zina, A Temptation: Zina/Adultery and its Adverse Effects on Society

Sheikh Kamal El Mekki discusses the issues pertaining to Zina/Adultery and its adverse effects on society during Day 1 of his lecture “An Itchy Heart” held at Fanar – Qatar Islamic Cultural Center on the 5th & 6th April 2013.

Omar Suleiman – Fighting Zina

In this lecture, Imam Omar talks to the youth about marriage, gender relations and the Islamic approach.

Nouman Ali Khan – Sexual Desires

In this video, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan tackles a few issues that are related to shamelessness. Through verses of the Qur’an, he explains how much Allah dislikes zina, adultery, sexual promiscuity, looking at the haram (forbidden), and not lowering our gaze.

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