Tahir Anwar Lectures

All Things Zakat: From Stocks to Livestock

What is Zakat and what is the obligation of a Muslim living in the West regarding Zakat? Imam Tahir Anwar explains.

Fulfilling the Purpose of Ramadan

Ramadan is a month dedicated to strengthening the intimate relationship between Allah and His creation. Join Imam Tahir Anwar, as he shares with us key principles of how to fulfill the purpose of Ramadan. Along with studying the rules of fasting, we will cover practical spiritual exercises proven to reconnect us to Allah through His revelation, the Qur’an.
Among the topics covered, some are:
– Obligation & History of Ramadan
– In Preparation of Fasting
– How to Fast: Intention, Methodology & Exemptions
– Benefits of Ramadan & Setting Goals
– Connecting to the Qu’ran

Rethinking Romance: Discovering Islam’s First Love Story

Lecture from MSA National Conference 2010 parallel to the ISNA 2010 Convention.

Islamic Manners Class Lecture Series

Class 1: Introduction and Scope Class 2: Manners of Dressing, Entering, Leaving and Visiting Class 3: Manners of Conversation, Parents, and Backbiting Class 4: Manners of Social Behavior, Communications and Eating Class 5: Manners of an Islamic Wedding and Visiting the Sick Class 6: Manners of Traveling and Condolences

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