Yasmin Mogahed Lectures


In this lecture, Yasmin Mogahed, discusses marriage and love.

Struggling Against Materialism

Yasmin Mogahed discusses an extremely deep ayah that summarizes all of dunya.

Burn Out Phenomenon

We sometimes an experience a “high” after short period of increased knowledge, but when it ends we are burnt out and lose focus. Why does this happen? What is this “Burn Out Phenomenon”?

The Greatest Love of All, Building Divine Love

In this lecture, Yasmin Mogahed talks about real love for Allah and building this love for Allah.

The Four Greatest Women in Islam: Maryam

The life of Maryam, mother of Jesus, may Allah be pleased with her.

Neither Wealth Nor Family Will Avail, Only a Sound Heart

All of our personal and social problems are rooted in the states of our hearts. Just as the body has ailments that force us to the doctor, the heart also has ailments that should force us to the doctor. Traditionally, purification of the heart was a central focus of Muslim civilization. Manuals, texts, glosses, and commentaries fill our libraries with the strategies, techniques, and methods for purifying hearts. Many Muslims don’t have access to this rich tradition of spiritual healing that could, if rediscovered and used, heal our persons and societies from many of the destructive forces impacting us. This lecture will discuss some of the dominant ailments of the heart and the strategies the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and our tradition provide us with to address them.

Dealing with Depression

Yasin Magohed talks about how to deal with depression.

Poverty of the Soul

Our modern condition bombards us with artificial stimuli that not only teases our senses and creates in us the yearning for things we do not need, it also blurs our inner vision and distracts us from the real purpose of our lives — to know, remember and worship Allah. In this lecture, sister Yasmin Mogahed, discusses the danger that the modern condition poses to the actualization of our true humanity, the resultant spiritual poverty and how it can be overcome.

Salah: Life’s Forgotten Purpose

In this lecture Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed discusses the importance of salah and our connection to Allah.

Love, Marriage, Selecting your Life partner and Etiquette in Islam

Yasmin talks about the concept of love in Islam, how love for Allah triumphs over anything else. She also touches upon Brotherhood / Sisterhood familial love, maintaining Gender relations the permissible way, how to determine who is the right partner and when to make that call.

Hardships: Path to the Most Merciful

Many times when we are afflicted with a trial, we don’t know how to react, we aren’t sure where to turn, and we feel at a loss of words and hope. But know that there is hope!

Keeping the Heart Alive

The USC MSU was very honored to host our beloved guest, Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed, on November 7th, 2011 to discuss the very relevant and poignant topic of keeping our hearts alive while facing the struggles of this life. Alhamdulilah, an excellent lecture that is both practical and relevant.

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