Lectures on Day of Judgement

Ismail ibn Musa Menk – Indeed You Shall Be Asked

Mufti Menk describes what we should be doing to prepare for the Day of Judgement where Allah will be asking us about our lives and how we lived it.

Umar Faruq Abd-Allah – Getting Our Minds Right: How Muslims Seek the Truth in the Modern Age

Who will we really become and what will be our status on that Day where everyone will stand before Allah? Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah discusses the events of that day and the Prophet’s (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) intercession.

Ismail ibn Musa Menk – When Calamity Strikes

What have you prepared for the day when you meet your Creator? Mufti Menk inspires us to prepare ourselves for the great calamity that will face it.

Okasha Kameny – The Day of Reckoning

Imam Okasha Kameny discusses the Day where all of us will be resurrected and will be standing before Allah. What will happen on that day? What will we do? What should we do to prepare ourselves for that day?

Omar Suleiman – Your Audit: Courtesy of Internal Reckoning Service

“That Day, We will seal over their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their feet will testify about what they used to earn.” [Surah Yasin 36:65]
On the day when there will be no lies, deceptions, or injustice, we will be judged by our Lord, Who is Al-Hakam (the Judge). Everyone will come to know their fate by the manner in which they are handed their book of deeds. In regards to the reckoning on this Day, our beloved Prophet (s) is reported to have said, “”The first thing about which a man is going to be questioned on the Day of Judgment is prayer. If it is found to be sound, his other actions will be sound as well. If his prayer is not sound, his remaining actions would be spoiled.” (Al-Tabarani & Tirmidhi)
Furthermore, in the last verses of Surah Az-Zalzalah of the Holy Qur’an, a brief description of this judgment is enough to send a chill down our spines: “So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.”

Suhaib Webb – Poverty in Religion

In a well-known Hadith the Prophet Muhammad, Blessings and Peace upon him, once asked his companions, who was bankrupt among his nation. They proceeded to mention the one lacking material means. He, peace upon him, responded that the truly bankrupt person was one lacking righteous deeds on the Day of Resurrection, while having insulted, slandered and demeaned others. Imam Suhaib will examine the implications of this Hadith and discuss its relevance for our lives and times. He will situate that discussion in the context of a deeper examination of the idea of religious poverty.

Shakiel Humayun – All Shall Cross: Al-Sirat – Crossing the Bridge to Paradise

“There is not one of you but will pass over it (Hell); this is with your Lord; a Decree which must be accomplished. Then We will save those who feared Allah and leave the wrongdoers within it, on their knees.” [Surah Maryam 19:71-72]
After the Divine reckoning, only one task will remain that will stand between us and the blessed Paradise: crossing over the bridge of Al-Sirat. The task is the final mission, the moment of truth. This bridge is described as thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword. Some will pass the bridge with great speed a little hesitation while others will cross with difficulty. Some may slip and even fall into Jahannam.
Once this task is completed, the disobedient wrong-doers will take their place in Hell awaiting their punishments and torments. And the obedient servants of Allah will be allowed to enter their rightful home in Jannah, which they will recognize better than their dwellings on earth. There, they will await the endless bounties bestowed on them by Allah, As-Salaam (the Giver of Peace).

Omar Suleiman – The Day of Judgement

This is an evening program conducted by Shaykh Omar Suleiman at the Islamic Society of Baltimore on June 22, 2012.

Hasan Ali – Final Destination: Will it be Jannah or Jahannam?

Shaykh Hasan Ali discusses the seriousness of the hellfire and the hopefulness of heaven. Where do you want to go? How do you get there? What do you have to do?

Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf – Signs of the Day of Judgement

Mufti Abdur Rahmab ibn Yusuf discusses the turmoil of the the day of judgement and how we can recognize the real signs from the fake ones.

Hamza Yusuf – Foundations of Islam Series: Signs of the Last Day

Hamza Yusuf teaches this esoteric subject using a methodology and style that makes it comprehensible to all. Utilizing as his basis the hadith of Gabriel (Islam, Iman, Ihsan, and the Hour) in Imam Nawawi’s 40 Hadith, he presents the Islamic teaching concerning the end of time and those signs mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (P). The language and pace employed by the speaker and the analysis of modern theology and society is extremely thought provoking and should motivate further study by the viewer. Due to the unique subject, format, and audience (non-Muslim educators) this lecture is a must for all! (Recorded at the Dar al Islam Teachers’ Institute seminar).

Other topics discussed: finality of Prophethood, the dajjal, psychology, physiology, Judaism, Christianity, philosophy (past and present), anthropology, classical Arabic language, Jesus, prayer timetables, natural disasters, media, children, despair vs. optimism, and statistics.

Hamza Yusuf – The Lives of Man

This classroom style lecture was given as part of the annual Dar al Islam Teachers’ Institute in New Mexico. The audience consisted of non-Muslim school teachers from around North America. The primary objective of this program was to educate the teachers about the fundamental Islamic beliefs and practices within the context of an interactive and intensive spiritual retreat. In this session, Hamza Yusuf outlines the five life stages of the human being according to the Holy Qur’an: the pre-worldly existence, the dunya (life on earth), the barzakh (grave), the Day of Judgment, and the final abode (Heaven and Hell). Although each stage is covered in detail, emphasis is placed on the dunya realm and death. Many interesting topics are explored relating to the unseen world, which according to the Islamic belief, makes up the vast majority of creation. A comprehensive talk that provides insight into the Muslim worldview and is ideal for people of all faiths. Other topics discussed: our disenchantment with the world, fitrah (human nature), and the age of discrimination.

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