Lectures on Knowledge

Nouman Ali Khan – The Coherence of the Qur’anic Message

The relationship between Islam and the West is the topic of ongoing debate, often depicted as a choice between two disparate worlds: the modern West with science and secular education, or Islam with Qur’anic based education characterized by orthodoxy and tradition. In the hope of promoting dialogue instead of polarization, Nouman Ali Khan searches for the ideas and ideals of education, schooling and learning within Islam. Wherever knowledge and learning have blossomed, education, schooling and teaching must have flourished too. Was not an educational culture part of the highly developed intellectual culture of classical Islam? Hermeneutics and the theory of interpretation offers an inspiring perspective on an education that strikes the balance between tradition and the future. What is the future of Qur’anic education in a modern context?

Faraz Rabbani – Whom Should I Take My Islamic Knowledge From?

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani answers the question: who do we take knowledge from? He details the advice of al-Khatib al-Baghdadi, from his work al-Faqih wa’l Mutafaqqih, which revolves around three main points: (1) consulting the scholars experts in the discipline, (2) following those who act on what Islam entails, and (3) following those who learned with scholars and not through only reading books.

Hamza Yusuf – Return to Wisdom

The fear of Allah is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom is the beginning of being able to act appropriately in any given situation.

Yahya Ibrahim – Why Don’t You Ask Questions?

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim explains the importance of being inquisitive and to question to increase our knowledge.

Nouman Ali Khan – Advice to Students of Qur’an and Arabic

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan advises the graduating class of the 2013 Bayyinah Dream Program. May Allah(swt) grant them success in their future endeavors and use them to educate and motivate the people with Islam. Ameen.

Ismail ibn Musa Menk – How many candles have you lit?

Mufti Menk discusses the obligation of passing on goodness. Lecture was delivered in June 2013 in Kuwait.

Yasmin Mogahed – Burn Out Phenomenon

We sometimes an experience a “high” after short period of increased knowledge, but when it ends we are burnt out and lose focus. Why does this happen? What is this “Burn Out Phenomenon”?

Tariq Ramadan – Zatuna College Conversation

Dr. Tariq Ramadan visits Zaytuna College, part of the visiting scholars lecture series, and discusses a wide variety of topics including Islam in academia, politics, philosophy, logic, rationality, the Muslim tradition and Islamic education.

Khalid Latif – It’s Tough Being A Girl

Many of the discussions that exist around gender in the Muslim community, both in the United States and abroad, have not fruitful. In this khutbah, Imam Latif speaks about the need for Muslim women to empower themselves through knowledge and also discusses how Muslims on a whole have failed to treat their women with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

This Khutbah was delivered at the Islamic Center at NYU (www.icnyu.org) on Friday, March 4th, 2011 by Imam Khaild Latif.

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