Lectures on Gender Relations

Saad Tasleem – 8 Misconceptions About Love

Shaykh Saad Tasleem discusses eight pieces of advice in his experience helping Muslims deal with various situations regarding love and marriage.

Altaf Husain – Body Image: Reality and Standards

“We have certainly created man in the best of stature.” (95:4) Sex, Image and Society — where does society’s widespread expectations of body image, sexuality and wealth fit in with an American Muslim’s identity, modesty and purpose? Recorded at the 51st Annual MSA National Continental Conference in Detroit, MI on Saturday, August 30, 2014.

AbdelRahman Murphy – Happiness in the Home

How many of us can honestly say we prefer sitting with our family over our friends? Ustadh AbdelRahman Murphy talks about the importance of happiness within the family home using anecdotes from his own experiences in this lecture.

Nouman Ali Khan – Light-Skinned Muslimah Seeking Doctor: The Jahaliyyah of Matrimonials

Countless Muslims are using the search engines of the Internet to search for a spouse. However, a quick perusal of Muslim matrimonial websites reveals how basic Islamic principles are ignored. A person’s income, race, and color – or worse yet, skin tone – are often greater considerations than a person’s piety. The pictures that accompany many “profiles” are indecent. How safe are these sites, especially for women? Why are Muslims using “virtual meat markets” to find a potential spouse? How can our communities facilitate young people’s search for a spouse? What does our religion have to say about contacting perfect strangers of the opposite sex for “love and friendship”? How can we better address the real crisis that lies beneath “Light-skinned Muslimah seeking Muslim doctor to share life with”?

Yasir Qadhi – What Men & Woman Need To Know About Each Other

What are the primary needs of a man and what are the primary needs of a woman? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses in this lecture from Hartford, CT at the ICNA Convention 2013.

Abdal Hakim Murad – Islam, Gender, Marriage & Sexuality

Sheikh Abdal Hakim offers some thoughts on gender in Islam. He begins, with characteristic catholicity, by discussing the career of Valentine de Sainte Point, an early French feminist and Futurist who in later life rejected what she perceived as the dehumanising trajectory of Western culture and converted to Islam, in which she found a more integrated and integrative understanding of human nature.

From that, the sheikh moves on discuss some aspects of the Islamic understanding of gender and sexuality, and how in this respect, as in others, the message of the Qu’ran and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) acted as a rectification to misinterpretations of previous revelation; in this case, the rejection and excoriation of human sexuality often manifested by Christianity. The Prophet, by contrast, as ‘mankind perfected’, embraced this aspect of his humanity as he did every other, according to the Divine Guidance. His role as exemplar was thereby extended to women partly through his marriages, which provided multiple models of exemplary female behaviour. The sheikh finishes by discussing this in relation to the Prophet’s wives (may God be pleased with them) and Qur’anic examples of ideal women.

Nouman Ali Khan – Opposite Sex Interactions

A great lesson from the Qur’an about how men and women are supposed to interact in public and the workplace.

Omar Suleiman – Love and Dating

Sheikh Omar Suleiman delivering a talk about love and dating in Islam at EPIC Youth’s program, How to Love, on February 10, 2012 at the East Plano Islamic Center.

Omar Suleiman – Fighting Zina

In this lecture, Imam Omar talks to the youth about marriage, gender relations and the Islamic approach.

Yasmin Mogahed – Love, Marriage, Selecting your Life partner and Etiquette in Islam

Yasmin talks about the concept of love in Islam, how love for Allah triumphs over anything else. She also touches upon Brotherhood / Sisterhood familial love, maintaining Gender relations the permissible way, how to determine who is the right partner and when to make that call.

Khalid Latif – Every 2 Minutes: Sexual Violence

This Khutbah was given by Imam Khalid Latif at the Islamic Center at NYU on Friday, April 13th, 2012. April is recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness month.

AbdelRahman Murphy – Facebook Relationships and Friendships

Facebook is an extremely popular website that many people around the world use. For Muslims it can be a tool for good but a tool for bad. How can we use it and maintain the good from Facebook? AbdelRahman Murphy discusses this in this lecture.

AbdelRahman Murphy – LoveStruck: The Girls, The Guys & The Gaze

Imam AbdelRahman Murphy discusses the dangers of interacting with the opposite gender in un-Islamic ways.

Tahir Anwar – Rethinking Romance: Discovering Islam’s First Love Story

Lecture from MSA National Conference 2010 parallel to the ISNA 2010 Convention.

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