Lectures on Women

Bilal Philips – Muslim Women and the Ummah

Most critics of Islam discuss the way they perceive Islam defines the role of the Muslim woman’s. Shaykh Bilal Philips responds with the correct understanding of the role of women in Islam.

Nouman Ali Khan – Abuse of Women

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan discusses violence against women and it’s prohibition in the Quran.

Altaf Husain – Body Image: Reality and Standards

“We have certainly created man in the best of stature.” (95:4) Sex, Image and Society — where does society’s widespread expectations of body image, sexuality and wealth fit in with an American Muslim’s identity, modesty and purpose? Recorded at the 51st Annual MSA National Continental Conference in Detroit, MI on Saturday, August 30, 2014.

Nouman Ali Khan – That’s Messed Up: Hitting Women

Women are prevented from having a space in the masjid, sometimes due to the fear of fitna. But when we stop our wives, sisters, and daughters from coming to the masjid, it will actually lead to a greater fitna.

Abdul Karim Yahya – The Fiqh of Female Da’wah: Confused Roles and Hidden Heroes

Shaykh Abdul Karim Yahya discusses how women have a very important role in the mission of calling people to Allah citing from historical examples from the seerah and Islamic history of women scholars in Islam.

Nouman Ali Khan – Responsibilities of Husbands & Responsibilities of Wives

In this khutbah Ustadh Nouman discusses the rights and responsibilities of husbands and wives from the Quran.

Ismail ibn Musa Menk – The Great Accusation

Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk gives a lecture on the incident with Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) and an accusation that was made against her at a women’s conference in Bahrain.

Ismail ibn Musa Menk – How Is She Different?

Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk discusses the believing woman. What is she like? What does she do? Who is she? This lecture was given in Bahrain.

Hesham Al-Awadi – Women Inspired by The Beloved

This series of ten lectures by Dr Hesham Al-Awadi, presented here on 10 CDs, surveys the history of great Muslim women from the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) right through to the present day. The listener is taken on a truly fascinating journey of discovery exploring the role women played in different communities across the Islamic world. This CD set is a must for anyone who wishes to grasp the Islamic values and principles that underpinned, inspired and motivated women from all walks of life.

Yasir Qadhi – What Men & Woman Need To Know About Each Other

What are the primary needs of a man and what are the primary needs of a woman? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses in this lecture from Hartford, CT at the ICNA Convention 2013.

Abdal Hakim Murad – Islam, Gender, Marriage & Sexuality

Sheikh Abdal Hakim offers some thoughts on gender in Islam. He begins, with characteristic catholicity, by discussing the career of Valentine de Sainte Point, an early French feminist and Futurist who in later life rejected what she perceived as the dehumanising trajectory of Western culture and converted to Islam, in which she found a more integrated and integrative understanding of human nature.

From that, the sheikh moves on discuss some aspects of the Islamic understanding of gender and sexuality, and how in this respect, as in others, the message of the Qu’ran and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) acted as a rectification to misinterpretations of previous revelation; in this case, the rejection and excoriation of human sexuality often manifested by Christianity. The Prophet, by contrast, as ‘mankind perfected’, embraced this aspect of his humanity as he did every other, according to the Divine Guidance. His role as exemplar was thereby extended to women partly through his marriages, which provided multiple models of exemplary female behaviour. The sheikh finishes by discussing this in relation to the Prophet’s wives (may God be pleased with them) and Qur’anic examples of ideal women.

Kamal el Mekki – Why are they covered like that?

Sheikh Kamal El Mekki discusses the issues pertaining to Modesty and its importance to society during Day 1 of his lecture “An Itchy Heart” held at Fanar – Qatar Islamic Cultural Center on the 5th & 6th April 2013.

Yasmin Mogahed – The Four Greatest Women in Islam: Maryam

The life of Maryam, mother of Jesus, may Allah be pleased with her.

Omar Suleiman – Cherish Your Daughters

Are you disgusted with the news of female child infanticide, raping, and mistreatment of women in the news lately? Discover what the Qur’an say about the glad tiding of a daughter and females in society.

Navaid Aziz – A Message from our Mothers to our Sisters of Today

Shaykh Navaid shares some advice to our sisters as well as brothers regarding women in Islam and their honor.

Khalid Latif – Every 2 Minutes: Sexual Violence

This Khutbah was given by Imam Khalid Latif at the Islamic Center at NYU on Friday, April 13th, 2012. April is recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness month.

Ismail ibn Musa Menk – Misconceptions of Islam

Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk discusses contemporary issues many non-Muslims and those who misunderstand Islam have such as the marriage of Muhammad (s) to Aisha (ra) or the Hijab.

Nazim Mangera – The Best of You Will Never Hit Your Wife

Mufti Nazim Mangera discusses the important topic of domestic violence from multiple Islamic sources. Everyone needs to hear this lecture. In it, he also clarifies some misconceptions about a Quranic verse which is misinterpreted by some Muslims. Also, he strongly encourages the listeners to never hit their wife. The best of us are those who will NEVER hit their wife.

Hamza Yusuf – Women, Shari’ah and Islam

Join the halaqa and take part in this discussion about the Islamic perspective of women and the many related issues. In the mountains of Northern New Mexico at the world famous Abiquiu Madressah, Hamza Yusuf answers many of the common questions about Muslim women such as the degree of men over women, the hijab, rights and roles, the concept of deficiency in women, and the hadith about women in Hell. Part of the widely popular Deen Intensive program, this session is an opportunity to see a unique side of Imam Hamza within the context of an informal and interactive study group. Other topics discussed: the breakdown of the family in the West, the man’s weakness for the woman, men and women shaking hands, cultural norms vs. shari’ah, a woman’s right to her own living space, participating in politics, following laws that contradict the shari’ah, paying taxes, and the idea of putting your parents in retirement homes. (Duration: 2 hours, 1 min)

Khalid Latif – It’s Tough Being A Girl

Many of the discussions that exist around gender in the Muslim community, both in the United States and abroad, have not fruitful. In this khutbah, Imam Latif speaks about the need for Muslim women to empower themselves through knowledge and also discusses how Muslims on a whole have failed to treat their women with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

This Khutbah was delivered at the Islamic Center at NYU (www.icnyu.org) on Friday, March 4th, 2011 by Imam Khaild Latif.

Khalid Yasin – Advice to Muslim Women

This lecture is a vital one to watch, for both sisters and brothers. Shaykh Khalid Yasin goes through many important topics, such as the rights and responsibilities of the wife to husband and vice-versa, the controversial issue of polygamy (multiple marriage) – the wisdom and legitimacy behind it and much more. The Shaykh also gives lots of advice for a successful and happy marriage.

Zakir Naik – Women’s Rights in Islam

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

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